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We can all agree that the music was absolutely fantastic.
But do you have any other proposals for what would've been nice.
I immediately thought of Baba yetu, for example ()
that, and the music from the new star trek movie, would both have been great in this movie.

Eywayä mokri:
Music form the avatar trailer:

When jake goes out of the ship - My name is Lincoln (From The Island Movie)

When things become harder - Guardians at the gates (From District 9)
                                      - Akkadian Empire (From Audiomachine)

i thought of star wars, the imperial march for the colonel Miles Quaritch would be: pamtseo sìltsan (good music)
then you point out the evil.

Downloaded soundtrack from amazon... have expected to like more of it, though
"Gathering of NaVi Clans" has the best low-frequencies I've heard so far. Listen to it with a proper sound system with a good sub - beat is amazing, with an awesome contrast of med/high melody. (Have to listen to it in my car, cause home system is not good enough to handle it).
good ones:
Gathering of NaVi Clans
You don't dream in Cryo,
becoming one with people
jake's first flight

Omg this language is the bomb


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