Na'vi chorus in 'Nothing is lost'?

Started by Reiey fpi Sìtaron, January 05, 2023, 05:23:45 PM

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Reiey fpi Sìtaron

I was wondering if anyone can hear genuine Na'vi in the chorus of 'Nothing is lost'?

Listening to it the first word could be 'tìng' (or a variant with an infix), which makes sense with the line 'you give me strength' being one of the main lyrics? I'm hoping it's not just random syllables like in the first soundtrack.


I'd say that there are just random syllables or something. There is nothing really known in the moment.
One could eventually, with a good portion of imagination, think of tìng mikyun. :-\

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I would say too that there are just random syllables... tried to find something about Na'vi chorus in this song, but there is nothing about that :-\