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Title Translations
« on: February 14, 2010, 11:23:29 am »
Sorry if anyone's done this before, I didn't find it searching anywhere and sorry if this should be in a different place...

So I have *attempted* to translate what I could of the movie's soundtrack titles. Tell me what ya think/correct my mistakes.


Jake enters his avatar world
Jakel poyä uniltìrantokxkifkeyti ferpxäkìm
Jake his dreamwalkerworld enters
Jake-l po-yä uniltìrantokx-kifkey-ti  f<er>pxäkìm

The Bioluminescence of the Night
Txonyä tìreyatan
night's lifelight
txon<yä> tìrey-atan

Becomming One of the People/Becomming one with Neytiri
Serlu tengfya na'vi/Serlu tengfya Neytìri
Becomming as the Na'vi/Becomming as Neytiri
s<er>lu tengfya Na'vi/s<er>lu tengfya Neytìri

Jake's first flight
Jakeyä nì'awvea tìtswayon
Jake's first flight
Jake-yä nì'awve<a> <tì>tswayon

*On this I couldn't tell what the intended meaning of "Earth" meant*
Scorched earth
Nekxa kllte/eywa
Burned ground/eywa
nekx<a> kllte/eywa

destruction of the hometree
Kelutrelyä tìska'a
hometree's destruction
kelutrel-yä tì-ska'a


And obviously:
I see you
Oel ngati kameie


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