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What songs (not on the soundtrack) make you think of Avatar?

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For me it's This Is War by 30 seconds to mars. It just fits. Anyone else?

 The song "The Call" by celtic woman gets me thinking of avatar.

Hufwe ta'em:
Soundtrack from The Island 14: My Name Is Lincoln - Steve Jablonsky

Fpeioyuyä 'ite:
We are playing a song in my school band called Mazama. It's very tribal-sounding, with lots of flute and some chanting. I think of Avatar every time we play it. It has a fun clarinet solo that I get to play when the first chair is gone.   ;D

Lane Navachi by Lunascape. Beautyful song, and in my opinion it fits just fine. It sounds as if a Na'vi could be singing this. :D


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