Which Version of "I See You" Do You Prefer?

Started by Eaite Randjam, September 03, 2010, 02:36:22 AM

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Which do you prefer?

Credits Version
10 (83.3%)
Soundtrack Version
2 (16.7%)

Total Members Voted: 11

Eaite Randjam

I know, you're probably thinking "What?  There is more than one version?!?!

Yes.  If you listen to "I See You" as played over top the credits at the end of the movie, then listen to track 14 off the soundtrack, they are indeed different.

I like the credits version more than the soundtrack because there's more of an instrumental back up to the the former, plus the key change is more grandiose and dramatic.


Wow, you're right. Never noticed that. I just matched the two up, listening to the credits from the DVD and the soundtrack on my iPod so I could figure out the differences.....the credits have more of a drumbeat, the soundtrack has more of a 'watery' sound, I guess. They also cut out a pause that was in the soundtrack, I guess it took up too much time but it completely ruined how I got the two in sync with each other. :D I too prefer the credits version.

DJ Makto

The credits version hands down, as the autotuned/pitch bended vocals at the beginning of the album version seems out of place with the rest of the soundtrack and dampens that emotional effect that the credits version conveys.

Oh and the fact the drums are simply excellent in the credits version.  ;D


I think the credits version has way more of a fuller tone to it. I like it more than the soundtrack version (now) because truthfully i never noticed so i think the credits is better. (gotta find it in that version for my ipod if i can)
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