Two Topics, Sex (cause it's gonna happen), and learning necessary skills.

Started by Txalion, April 24, 2011, 06:00:58 PM

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So I noticed that Rolyu brought up the very important question "What happens when tribe members have sex?". I feel it is a very vital question to talk about, and frankly, one that I would personally like to discuss. I mean, sex is a part of every person's life. The compulsion to have sex is built into our very DNA, and undeniable for most.
So here I get to the point. The only way I can see our tribe dealing with sex is in these ways.

1. Having sex with someone is a sign of bonding. Ie, when you have sex with someone, you are now mates.

Now I know this has many problems with it. First of all, we would all probably be mated up with each other by the end of the first three months. There might be kids, all that jazz, but honestly, it's the only way I can figure it when it pertains to actual sex. Nature encourages us to pair up and have kids, and in order to keep a stable "No condoms or the Pill" society, we're going to have to do something of the like. Of course I'm just throwing out ideas but you know what I mean. Now, here is another way.

2. Have an openly sexual society. What I mean by this is that (god I can't believe this is hard to say, I feel like such a prude :-[ ) masturbation, oral, and anal sex are encouraged between "Dating" tribal members.

Now I know this sounds horrifying, but I'll explain my reasons. Abstinence is not the right way to go about stopping sex and pregnancy altogether. If we encourage "dating" tribe members to find different ways to satisfy themselves, then they will be able to feel sexually closer to their partner, and satisfied (for the most part). Telling them "Sex is bad, don't do it." Is like telling them "Sex is GREAT! Do it all the time!". I know it was that way when I was younger, however my mother talked to me openly about sex, and so I was not inclined to have sex until I quite a bit older. If they understand the gravity of the responsibly (which I think most people here do, that's obvious) then we won't have a problem. Next up is...

3. What do we do, when someone has a child?

Now this one is the toughest to answer. I mean, how do we make sure that the environment is stable and healthy enough for a child? Plenty of tribal cultures get around laws and stuff, I don't see child services knocking on a tribal hut now do you? And even if we can't get around the laws, how do we deal with that? Does the expecting family go live in the eco-village until the child is raised?

Just some food for thought.

Also, found an interesting website. It's perfect for our needs. Most of us don't know how to make our own bow, or kill and animal, or build a hut, or skin a deer, or any of that kind of stuff. Well here is where we can learn.

TrackersPDX is designed to teach us all of those things and more. You can go for a whole summer, or even an entire year, and learn all of the skills we want to learn! It's expensive, but if I can save up the money, I'm going to go and learn. Check it out, I think that you'll find it's really cool.
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Tsyal Maktoyu

I've always been of the "what happens behind closed doors, stays behind closed doors" philosophy myself. Make sure people are knowledgable about the (for lack of a better term) ins-and-outs of family planning, and how to do it lacking modern medicines and contraceptives, but if people want to do what naturally comes to them, have at it. Though do keep some day-after pills at the tech hut, just in case. I've also heard people can make condoms out of animal parts, maybe we should do that, as well.

Oh, and thanks for the link, that looks like it could be useful. :D


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No problem.  ;D

Yeah, I was kinda feeling that way, but I really don't want the intestines of an animal...well you know. I just think that an open discussion now, would be good so that we CAN have a "Behind closed doors" thing later. I think having an accord of how the tribe as a whole will handle it is important, plus some might react differently than others. I especially want to look at the possible child safety laws and such. Maybe I should do some research into that.
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Txura Rolyu

now here is another question... what if one of the tribe members already has a relation, not yet marriage or engagement, and stays for the summer and dersides to go through with the act of "mating". Can there be some sort of agreement between the people who are wanting this closeness that when the person staying for the summer leaves that there is no continuing the relationship? Of course if it turns out that the relationship works then let it happen. But if it was a onece or twice thing can it not apply?

I am sorry if this sounds very barbaric.. I am just thinking of what might happen if there was some sort of bond but it only lasted for a time. A "summer love" as it were.
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See? I told you there are many problems pertaining to "Mating". Personally when it comes to the matter of "Summer lovin'" I personally feel that it's up to the two parties involved. If it's obvious someone is not going to be there on any permanent basis, and the other party is unattached then a basis of "dating" is applied to the couple even if they do the dirty deed. At the end, it's up to the two how they decide to manage it. I only gave the idea of "Mates" to be a stand in for marriage essentially. I would prefer the idea of becoming "Mates" to be a mutual agreement between two people, as opposed to a "Oh no, they had sex, you're Mates now, sorry" kind of thing.
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Well, I don't need to worry too much since my lifemate will be joining me, but for others, I think the other methods mentioned at the beginning make sense to me the most, as long as we're not all trying to sleep with everyone else in the tribe!
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I think that as long as we stress the importance of the mating (i.e. forming an even closer bond between the people), rather than as just for fun, then that should mean it becomes much more of a mutual decision.

That would mean that the couple could decide beforehand on the level they want to go to - "summer lovin" or lifetime, etc. I do agree that having total celibacy is a recipe for disaster...I am confident that we will all behave honorably when it comes to this!

Txalion, I have had a look at the year long program that place offers - it looks AMAZING!!

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