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To me, it is a bit early.  ;D

But you can look for this if you want. If this is possible, this can be intriguing.


lols, I'm gonna find out lots about this, even though I dont think i can join the tribe, at least not yet, I can still help gather you info xx

this is really cool... :D

Now, I'm a fan of "stationary" houses, like cave houses and Earthships and such, but I just have to show you this: (DON'T get scared by the title. ;))
Just look at how you can furnish a yurt tent. ;D

Well, Yurts look like they can be a very convenient choice. I am not sure they would be my first personal choice, but they are an option for who wants and for some necessities.  :)

Yurts are great for more people. So like meeting room, dining room, or infirmary... Or pretty big house. :D But it'll be one of my choices. The mobile one. :D


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