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The old Uriuujìn:
Kaltxì, ma oeyä aytsmuke sì aytsmukan!

This is a very important thread, representing a very important part of the creation of the Tribe- The creation of an Eyktan.

We all know that a tribe needs strong leadership, as well as individuals who are willing to follow his path. This is why we are posting this- so that all of the people of the Tribe can step forward and make themselves known, should it be their wish to be Eyktan, and for all of us who are not to see who we would want to lead us until the Tribe is established. After the official Tribe is all taken care of, then we will hold a council and see if the current Eyktan is worthy of staying in his role, or if another vote should be held. Seeing as that is many years in the future, I think that it isn't something to worry about just yet ^_^

So, the rules are:

1- If you would like to be Eyktan, then post your name (rl please) and why you believe that you should be Eyktan.
2- If you would like to ask the candidates a question, POST IT! Don't send a PM; that way, we can see what each candidate thinks about each question.
3- NO BASHING CAMPAIGNS! I don't think this is entirely necessary, but just in case, I am posting it. It is common for political opponents to attack each other to make themselves look better. It will NOT be tolerated here. Should this occur, you will be taken out of the race, and your posts erased. Indefinitely.

Well, that's it. Voting will begin the First of February, two weeks from Tomorrow, which will be January 18, 2009. Best of luck to the candidates, and may the best person win.

Eywa ayoenghu, ma oeyä aytsmuke sì aytsmukan


Just to re iterate for those that may have missed the older tribe discussion thread, there are two nominees so far.

Txontaw, Real life name is Nate.

Myself, Real life name is William.

Any others who would wish to step up to the plate, we will welcome you all.

Candidates! I've got a some questions for you - and for whoever else could answer them for me. These I just pulled off the top of my head, and I'm kind of curious to see how the whole process of getting a Tribe together would work.

How do you see yourself helping prepare for this possible official Tribe? What I mean is, what kinds of information are you going to search/consider as far as the Tribal grounds, monetary costs, etc. Would you be contacting individuals about properties or just brainstorming this whole thing through?

I think that's about it for now, since I can't really think of anything else at the moment. Hope I was coherent in my wording enough.


So far brainstorming is the name of the game. Getting everybody's ideas out and in the open so that we may look at what may work and what won't.
Most likely gonna do a few trial runs later on after we have a general picture about the Tribe and what we are looking for. Gotta make sure everything will work out on a small scale before going full size.
For me, I would most likely making calls and getting information together, listen to everyones suggestions about what worked and what didn't so that we can change things around.
So far, there has been a lot of back and forth between the idea pitchers and the devil's advocates, and things are already taking shape as to what we will want to bring with us and what attitude we will need to keep this thing alive.
The most important part for now is to not throw anything out the window. We are still finding price ranges and camp sizes and even getting into so much detail as to whether we want a windmill generator or a river generator or both. Whether we want to be at the Equator or more north/south. We just need to stick together as a group. We need someone to be mediator. Keep disputes to a minimum and hopefully provide insight into the situation from an unbiased vantage point.
At this point, it looks like everyone can agree on one thing for sure. There will be Avatar marathons.

What he said.

Nah, just kidding.

Well, nobody can really do anything official yet as far as actual preparing goes. Right now everything's just ideas on paper. I have done some location hunting, and I plan to do some more. I think that actually contacting individuals about buying property is waaay down the line since we still have to get together to see if even some sort of gathering is going to work in the first place. I wish to see this idea to completion, no matter what it takes.

And to actually get to completion, it's better to take baby steps and make sure that it will work instead of rushing to the finish line without actually testing for plausibility. Many ideas like this are abandoned because of lack of planning, or too much rushing to get to the end product. I mean, we all want to be able to actually do this, but it would be unwise to try and get there as soon as possible. In the original thread I created a projected timeline, and I placed the start of the tribe to around ten years. I wish to be as realistic as possible in my goals. I realize that this is a ton of work that will go into this, and I'm prepared to shoulder the responsibility of coordinating it.

Even though I'm only 14 (almost 15 :D), many people think, and have told me that I act older than my age because of my maturity, both online and in real life. When I have a project, I take to it with a passion, and this is no different.



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