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Eyktan Election Poll

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The old Uriuujìn:
Well, here it is. The moment that we've all been waiting for: the election for Temporary Eyktan.

We've seen the candidates, and listened to the plans. Now it has come down to this- The final vote. Do not tell us who you voted for, or I will discount it. The Poll will be open until Monday, February 8th.

Good luck to the candidates, ulte Eywa ayoenghu frakrr.


I personally believe that none of the candidates should vote. It will just make it more fair, and it also prevents people from voting for themselves.

The old Uriuujìn:
They should at least wait until there are a few votes in, just to keep things private.

But we shouldn't have people post after voting, then they know who voted when.


Eywa ayngahu


Makes sense to me and sounds plenty fair.

No offense to whoever wins, but what are we going to do if it turns out we made a bad choice for eyktan? Are we stuck until we actually meet?


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