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Getting to see what life in nature really looks like through planned trip

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I cannot find pages for trips in at least natural areas or forests where you live in true nature and learn the basic ways of survival and life in very basic conditions. I always find pages about trips for adventure and nature stuff with acrobranche with all the accomodation and stuff, but this isn't what we are looking for.

Still looking, I am quite slow and not very efficient for searching. I am absolutely certain this is offered in French Guiana since at least one year. But finding such info is uneasy because not as widely popular as many other activities.

Okay,  I am finally getting more interesting information.  As soon as I get some more and plan a few stuff about the website, I could take the lead of the project. 

Stay tuned. 

Nìmwey is staying tuned. 8)

I am hopefully going to Belize (or somewhere else in Central America) this summer, mainly to give a bird away to a rescue/conservation center there, but I would want to do something "useful" tribe-wise too.
I just don't know what to look for, I can't even find the words so there is nothing to google. ???

I would ask how life in countries like Belize (economically, natural activities or services possible, corruption[well, Belize seems very corrupted], but also possible dangers inside and outside the forests), trying to know what is possible and what isn't. I guess that Belize suffer from all the drug traffic from the surrounding countries despite their increasing HDI, that does not necessarily reflect a good situation for us.

By talking to locals who appear to have a good education, you can probably get interesting information about all this. This includes of course people working with animals and natural issues.

Also beware : even if English is the national language, Spanish is still the most spoken one there yet.  :P


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