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Getting to see what life in nature really looks like through planned trip

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I think that looking for a location immediately is not really the thing that works.

Currently, I think it is a better idea to see how life in a totally natural environment really is. Going for a few days, one week or so with a group, accompanied with someone who exactly knows what survival in forest really implies would be the best idea currently to get on.

This would allow each of us to see how it really is like, and to learn by practice what life in such a different environment implies and requires, as well as giving a few basics and first impressions.

I am aware there are some groups who offer trips into French Guiana's amazon rainforest where it is possible to learn the basics or survival and life in this kind of environment, for those who want to get the taste in living in full nature. I however do not know any name or website for this yet.

This may exist elsewhere in other countries, but it would be a good idea to look for this stuff and plan on this at first. There is no better than putting a finger tip into the cold water before jumping in entirely. This would make it also much easier to travel for everyone of us who are very active in their life with their studies or job, as this is the kind of thing you plan during vacations. It allows us to go smoothly into the business.

So looking for such a planned trip made to discover the amenities of life in nature is to me the best thing to do currently.

What do you think? Do you have any suggestions? Please do tell your impressions even if these are only two words.  ;)

I thought this would be interesting for those following the project. I am looking for sites about this, but without any answer, I think I can just drop the project and look for this for myself...  :-\

Niri Te:
 I think that the BEST thing to do, would be to run several polls to see where the interest lies. I would assume that most would want to go to a Tropical Rainforest, as it is the most like Pandora, but Mongolia has it's own beauty, as does the swamps of the everglades, the deserts of North Africa, the dense forests of western Canada, and the frozen tundra of north Alaska.
I have lived in all of these conditions, and find beauty and majestry in all of them.  While I am too old (ONLY the number of times that I have circled the Sun, NOT my superb physical conditioning), to go on a moon trip, there is one place on this planet, that is as strange and lethal as anyplace in space, and that is the bottoms of our oceans. If I were to hit a large lottery, I would rent a deep submersible, for as much time as my money would allow.
Before anyone gets mad about my last statement, I was NOT trying to hijack this thread, I was only showing those who realize that they, for whatever reason, will probably never leave the confines of this planet, that there is much beauty and amazement HERE, and they should NOT become depressed.
Back to me original thought line, I think that it would ba a cool thing if you put up a Poll with all the major climate types, and see what turns out.
Niri Te

I was thinking this in the same optic. Making such a trip would allow to make all teh efforts we will have to do there. It is not only about admiring nature like you can admire a painting, it is about living it and everything it implies. For the climate thing I do not know though.

I'm still here every day and wish we could get a way to raise interest and motivation again, but I don't know how.


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