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Government, Legal system and religion.

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Txon Taronyu:
I would like to bring up a highly important discution
1. What form of Government should we have?
I propose we have a type of anarcistic commune ruled by a vote of everybody
2. What type of legal system shall we use
I propse we just settle everything with a vote
3. Religion I think we should not impose any religions laws

Ikranä mokri:
im really not sure what type of government

well im gonna say tribal legal system you know a leader who all complaints are taken to and they have to decide but they have advisors to help.

and if people want to follow areligion they can but we shouldnt have a set religion

Txon Taronyu:
I don't like the idea of one leader its to much power and then the people don't get an opinion

Ikranä mokri:
but if a leader has advisors and there are people who are equal (or almsot equal in power to them) such as a spiritual leader or a hunting leader ect

they can meet regularly to discuss different things and problems =ect

Txon Taronyu:
I think we shouldent have a chief its better to have everybody vote on things

Even if he has advisors they might not think in the intersts of the people


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