Started by Tonbogiri, July 01, 2011, 09:30:01 AM

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Hopefully some of you will be aware of this already, but we have a website for this idea which you can visit here : It may not be too professional, but it is simply a quick way of finding out who we are.

But horror of horrors, it appears that the site has been hacked.

I have just had a number of emails from various organisations sent to the site's mailbox - and it seems that the website has been sending a few emails of its own.

If anyone has noticed any unusual contacts, or any changes on the site (checking now...can't see any yet), then let us know. In particular, look out for any emails advertising "Tribal Travel", which seemed to be the topics of the mysterious emails sent before.

Truly this is the RDA looking to tear us down!!

Eywa ngahu,

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If the site hasn't changed, then the email is probably the only thing that got hacked. So change the email password, etc. etc.
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'Itan Atxur

*sigh* Can't wait to leave all this behind :)

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Just wondering, does the site have SQL tied in or is it all just PHP/HTML repeated across many documents?


Actually, to who does this domain belong to?