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Started by Nìmwey, July 02, 2012, 09:09:44 AM

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This might be a futile attempt, seeing as there are so few active members in Project Tribal now, but I'll give it a go.

There were lots of threads like this in the early days, but they were for "way back then", the people writing in those threads are not around anymore so they are simply outdated. And often confused and confusing, as there were so many people coming and going, so many threads serving more or less the same purpose.


This can, and should, be divided into several subcategories, such as...


What climate do we want? Temperate? Subtropical? Tropical? How hot? How heavy rainfall?

Here is a chart I've made for example - the green grates are for temperature in celsius, the blue for rainfall per month, in millimeters.
I made it a few months ago, and the locations there are Hawai'i (the big island), Kaua'i, Mau'i...
Chiapas and Yucatán (Mexico).
Belize (also Yucatan peninsula but its own country).
Costa Rica, Panamá, Puerto Rico, speaks for itself...
Trinidad - meaning Trinidad & Tobago.
Iquitos in Perú, and Córdoba in Argentina.

I don't necessarily mean these are all fitting tribe locations, they are just the locations I'm personally interested in. I tried to provide a fair picture for each country - the data for Costa Rica for example, was recorded in the capital, San José, which is very high above sea level.
To then take the data recorded in Panamás capital, Panama City, which is just by sea level, is not fair, as it gets much hotter there. So the Panamá data is from the region of Boquete, which is at about the same level as San José.

And then there are some places, like Yucatán and Belize, that simply don't have much in terms of altitude, so you are always near the sea, altitude-wise, and it gets much hotter than up in the highlands. (Like Chiapas.)

This was the main source: http://www.climatetemp.info/

Size of land
(Acres or hectares.)

The ultimate land size of the property we will own. I don't think it's at all plausible or safe to be on someone elses land, even with their written permission. They can change their mind, and there we are without a home. Getting money to buy large plots of land is a lot more plausible.

Then there is also the question of perhaps buying a smaller piece of land first, and then buying more land around it later. I also find that to be an insecure/unsafe method, but worth considering.

But to the question then - the ultimate land size we believe we will need. This depends on group size and how we will live. For example (I'm just speculating and stating this as an example, I'm not saying that this has been set in stone by anyone), no raising animals for slaughter + natural lifestyle + not vegan lifestyle = we must hunt, in some degree.
The more we rely on hunting (and gathering), the more land we'll need.

And then some other questions that may need answering, but are not vital right now, as they have nothing or little to do with location.


Keeping animals

What kinds of animals and for what purposes? Why? Why not? Will any animals *not* be allowed?
(For example, rodents and reptiles that need cages and special diets may not be suitable, but then we could just let members think on their own about what is plausible and not, and not need to absolutely ban the animals.)

Size of group
10-15 members? 20 or more? Even more? (Personally, I think 15-30 people, approximately, sounds reasonable perhaps starting at the lower end, and then taking in more people.)

Leadership view
"Anarchy without chaos", a group of leaders, one leader? Democracy or consensus? Etc...
(I don't know much about this, especially not democracy vs. consensus, but I think it's almost given that we have one or two chosen leaders that have that as their main job and responsibility.)


What sort of structures? I assume, coming from the culture we're from, we will want individual houses to at least some degree. What will they be? Tents/yurts? Cob houses? Tree houses? Stilt houses? Earthships?


What kind of technology is to be used/allowed?

In a way, this thread serves the same purpose as the one I created at BMT: http://bluemoontribe.org/forums/showthread.php?124-Black-on-white-personal-views
(And the questions were borrowed from it.)
And I also come to think of this particular post from a different thread: http://bluemoontribe.org/forums/showthread.php?203-Research-tasks&p=1694&highlight=#post1694
The map I mention there, I was going to post here, but I've already explained it in that post, so you might as well read it there. ;)

Tsanten Eywa 'eveng

What I think best for the climate, we must choose a location with a climate between temperate and subtropical
and for the rainfall :-\ I like rain, but we shouldn't pick an area with a very heavy rainfall
And we should also look for areas that doesn't have a lot of hurricanes. For example in USA, the east coast has a heavy hurricane season

For animals, we can have horses 8) if we're going to hunt down a wild animal

I have just a question about the size of our group
What if someone get kids? If someone get kids, then we need possibly a school, that someone can teach them


I will offer an answer tot his soon. I forgot to reply to this.  ;)


We don't won't anything to hot or rainy like the rain forest. Also Tsanten Eywa 'eveng, we won't be having horses because we want to live in a wooded area. 


Quote from: Äteya on August 04, 2012, 09:11:24 AM
Also Tsanten Eywa 'eveng, we won't be having horses
When was that decided?


Quote from: Äteya on August 04, 2012, 09:11:24 AM
We don't won't anything to hot or rainy like the rain forest. Also Tsanten Eywa 'eveng, we won't be having horses because we want to live in a wooded area. 

The main difficulty is to find a piece of land where temperatures are stable and seasons don't change much. The other deals on se also to avoid the sweat box type of land, and even able to go out of a forest area to feel the breeze on a plain or coast.

This is why it was often suggested to look close to the equator, as cold temperatures, especially with wind, would be an issue.

As for the horses, nothing was decided, but I guess this would depend on the area we have. Keep in mind that horses take a lot of time to take care of and need training. We may not have all the ressources for this yet.