Surprise! A website.

Started by Tonbogiri, March 13, 2011, 06:17:40 PM

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'Itan Atxur

Well if they weren't hackers, its too bad they failed. I never really followed them at all so, if you all say they weren't hackers, then they weren't.

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Well, things have cropped up over the last few days for me. I shall be absent from the tribe for a few days, alas, but I should be back by Thursday. At which point, the website will be this space!

old gallery link?id=2051[/img]

Na'viru san LearnNaviyä sìk oel olo'txepit nerekx siveiyi talun
    lì'fyari leNa'vi 'Rrtamì, vay set 'almong a fra'u zera'u ta ngrrpong...

'Itan Atxur

Will do! Good luck with whatever it is you're doing.

;D ;D

-Itan Atxur

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Fnua Atxkxe

I have to say, had a quick look at the website and it's great ^^ looks good and easy to get around, sorry for the slightly unneccesary post but I just wanted to say congrats on the hard work
Anyone feel free to add me on msn or skype: [email protected]

Oe kamä ìlä oeyä txe´lan ulte fìtsenge leiu oel hu ayngati ma oeyä smukan sì smuke ulte nga ma Coga, nì´ul to fra´u ^_^