The Practical Application of Structure

Started by Txalion, October 25, 2011, 02:34:26 PM

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Funny how I've come to this particular idea. Over the past weeks, the Occupy movement has become a major political movement. My friend here in Denver, became a major part of Occupy Denver, and relayed his troubles to me over several weeks. He noticed that the structure of debate and organization was flawed and therefore, very hard to get anything done in the way of plans and such. That got me thinking about our structure and how, when the time comes, we will create order in our little village. That got me to thinking about one of the fundamental systems for creating order out of caos Robert's Rules of Order . It is a simple system, and although it does not need to be so formal, it is a great building block for creating structure. So tell me what you think? How can we create a system where everyone is heard, and the decisions are fair? This does not apply to on the forum, but when we live in our village.
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Late reply. I hope I'll get some replies actually.

I think that the Occupying movements are an example of how some debates can be flawed, disorganized, discredited and finally not working. They are spontaneous, but are rather more a symptom of a suffering society than a political force of some kind.

My opinion is that a community like the one we would like to set up should rely on a more simple and less theoretical system, but with a clear hierarchy and a competent person able to hear different groups of people, make a harmonious balance between various opinions and should be able to take complete decisions and ensure to apply them. There should always be debates, and this is a good thing. But in a structures community with a leader and people assisting him, debates should hence clear and applicable solutions to current issues.

As far as I know, this is a simple and non exhaustive way of reasoning that is generic to any kind of community.