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The Dragons of Terra Firma (an open RP)
« on: June 08, 2010, 01:37:43 pm »
The Maelstrom, a massive swirling vortex that appears every five hundred years. No ships fly when it appears, for along with the Maelstrom, comes violent storms.

People need not fear the storms though; none has ever appeared on land. The Maelstrom appears on the eve of the equinox, a time when the new sun begins to shine its light upon the world. To Skorlithians this phenomenon marks a new year. It may be five hundred years to some but the passage of time to Skorlithians is meaningless. Skorlithians are immortal or rather, they used to be.

Skorlithians were an immortal race wielding incredible power. Death, for them was only seen on the battlefield and there were many battles. Out of these battles rose a hero who would unite the lands of Skorlithia. His name was Azmar of the House of Mar. He was a powerful warrior with a strong sense of justice and would ultimately be the one to cause the fall of the Immortals.

What causes a hero to fall? The reasons can be many but for Azmar it was a prophecy, a cryptic message foretelling a future event. The scholars all believed the message to be the coming of a savior but the message talked of purification, to Azmar that could only mean one thing, a purge.

Time went by and soon Prya, (Azmar’s mother) had a son. His father Mar, named the child Dalmar and Azmar was happy to have a little brother. Births were a rare thing in Skorlithia, something about the genetic makeup of the Immortals. Azmar looked forward to the days when he could teach his brother to use the sword. At this time the prophecy was the furthest thing from his mind.

The Time of Ceremony was a way of gauging a child’s power, they were taken to the alter of the dragon crystal, a pedistal containing the most sacred artifcact of the race. The child would take a blood pact with the crystal, in exchange for immortality the child would dedicate himself to protecting the crystal at all costs.
The dragon crystal was one of 11 crystals forged by the arcane warlocks of the Tadire, a race of unimaginable power that once covered the entire planet. They eventually created a portal in which they could travel throughout the universe. When they left, the crystals were left behind, guarded by creatures of such ferocity nobody has ever managed to aquire a second.
The child’s physical appearance would be that of a five year old. Azmar had been studying the prophecy and was becoming concerned with the timing. The day for his brother was approaching as was the Equinox. Was his brother the one the prophecy spoke of? Was he the one to be born in the mouth of the Maelstrom? The more he studied the clearer it became; Fate had chosen his little brother to be the instrument of the world’s destruction, but, perhaps it didn’t have to be so, if he could only stop it from happening.

Stopping the prophecy became Azmar’s obsession. He begged his mother and father to change the day of the ceremony but they refused saying his fears were unfounded and that if the prophecy did mean Dalmar, then it should be considered a blessing. The reaction was the same when he appealed to others, they would shake their heads and sigh. To the people their beloved hero had gone insane.

When the Time of ceremony arrived, Azmar was locked in a cell to prevent his interference. He pleaded to be let out but by now he was a raving lunatic, a doomsayer who was looked upon with pity.

There is a rule all Skorlithians live by. A rule that states; none shall use their power except in times of war. The penalty for breaking this rule was death. On This day Azmar would break the rule. He stared at the barred door with a madding gaze and willed its destruction. The door blew apart into thousands of splinters. The guards rushed in to stop him but all fell before him. As he walked the halls of the dungeon he willed his sword to come to him. In a bright flash Einlanzer appeared before him. The sword bore a will of its own and it hungered for action.

Dalmar was nearing the completion of the ceremony by the time Azmar had arrived. In his wake lay death and destruction. He saw a bright silver light fill the pavilion and stretch beyond that of any other who had come before. He was too late, but all was not lost, he could still prevent the prophecy by killing the child. It was no longer his brother it was the instrument of their destruction, at least that what he told himself.

Azmar was one of the most powerful forces in the world and none could match his swordsmanship. It took five of the most powerful to bring him to a near fatal state. He knelt on the ground in a pool of his own and his victim’s blood. “Don’t you see? He has to be destroyed.”

Mar and Prya stood ashen face as they beheld their once proud son. Mar walked over to his fallen son and as he walked he conjured his sword. The Einhander appeared in his hand, it too bore a will of its own but its hunger was replaced with a deep sorrow. “Stop this foolishness my son.”

Azmar looked upon his approaching father, taking note of the sword in his hand. “I’m sorry father; it wasn’t supposed to be this way. If only you had listened to me. That child must be destroyed.”

Mar shook his head. “Forget about the prophecy. Do you not see what this obsession has done to you? Dalmar is your brother would you really raise your sword against him?”

Azmar coughed up blood and spat it at the ground. “I will prevent the prophecy one way or another. Now stand aside, I do not wish to destroy you, but I will if I must.”

Mar stood his ground but did not raise his sword. Azmar stared beyond his father at the fading silver light and bowed his head. Entrust thy heart to mine own the voice spoke softly and was soothing. Entrust thy heart to mine own He knew not why but he submitted himself to the voice and began to mutter words that were unintelligible but, Mar knew them immediately.

“No my son! Stop this at once, you mustn’t invoke the seal!” His words fell upon deaf ears. With tears in his eyes Mar raised his sword. “You foul beast! Let go the hold you have on my son!”

Azmar felt a great surge of power fill his entire being. Never had he felt such power. He became lost in the rapturous flow and for a brief moment felt pure ecstasy. Without warning or even realizing, he had struck his father down. He stared at the sword protruding from his father’s chest. He felt no sadness, only contempt. “You were too slow old man.” He tried to stand but the wounds he had sustained too great. He knelt cursing his wounds and the inadequacy of his body. He began to mutter once more.

Darkness began to cover the land as the storm clouds that were always just out of reach of land began to move in. Lightning struck the pavilion and debris fell all around them but the light that shone from the child protected those closest too him. A rage unfamiliar to him began to fill Azmar. With the last of his strength a surge of power left him destroying the very land around them. All who were present were blown into oblivion. The Dragon crystal, lost.

Tumbling, falling, pain and torment. His body was all but destroyed, he stared, a vacant stare at the mouth of the Maelstrom. The irony was not lost on him as he fell into the abyss.

A millennia later
An Etrinian woman came upon a dying man with wounds too great to treat. She placed a hand on his chest. 'Entrust thy heart to mine own' The sound of laughter filled the air that night.

The Skorlithians are all now but an extinct race, a mere handful remain, they keep themselfs secluded from the rest of the population, whilst some kept their immortality after the destruction of the alter, many did not, and through the ages their numbers have fallen to nearly zero.
The magics of the world are nearly completely lost. While once every child of age would learn to use them, without a Dragon crystal or other strong artifact the huge burden of channeling these powers too often could drive even the strongest of men to madness.

500 years later
A child would appear near an Etrinian village. A sword lay next to child as if a guardian watching over him. The child would grow up and new story would begin.

Rules: Standard RP rules apply:
No Godmode, killing other characters ect ect.

In adition, this is a free RP. There is no strict timeline, though make it clear if your starting your hero's journey in the past, this also means people can leave and join as they like and use this world for just being creative even if not taking part in the story.

Immortals exist, however immortal in this RP means you do not age, however you can still die from battle, contracting an illness, being poisoned ect ect.

If you wish to claim a Dragon, you must write up a speculative Dragon Trial outline and pm it to me, these trials will end up being mini rp's in themselfs.

High Magic (shooting fireballs from your hands ect) exists though must be used very sparingly as outlined above.

Low Magic (items, scrolls, runes ect) is much more common place, however they are still rare and expensive to get hold of, these however are generally limited to needing other items, one use or are luck dependent.

Tained Magic can be included in your character, however this must be limited, for example your character might be able to summon a wall of fire to protect themself in battle to flee for a few moments, or have the ability to walk over water.

This is a middle ages type of world, people live in stone / wooden buildings, trading takes place with gold coins, travel is usually done on foot or by horse / beasts of burden.

Fantasy creatures exist, fairies, halfbreeds ect ect. No limits on your race, though keep it sensible, eg no 300 meter tall giants.

Characters required/claimed so far:
Above child from prologue: A very strong willed character, though still young when this RP takes place, a strong backstory would be needed. Your biggest difficulty will be your age and controlling your power to be useful. You stand strongly against the principals of the dark queen, however you often look towards your teacher for guidance- Not taken yet

Childs teacher / master ect: The character who found the above child. Are strongly against the dark queens principals and rule. As such you have influenced the child in many choices and they often look to you for council. - Not taken yet

Dark Queen: An Immortal, has claimed ownership over large parts of the land for as long as the mortal races can remember, tyranical yet paranoid leader. Knows of the dragon crystals and dark magics. - Not taken yet

Aide to the Dark queen: The queens most trusted companion, has been blessed with partial immortality from the dark queen, slowing down aging by aproximately half. - From experience, the dark queen and the aide should be close friends irl, as it creates a much more intersting character / storyline - Not taken yet

Shadow Knight’s Captain: The queens personal bodyguard / elite units. Sent to enforce her will throughout the kingdoms. - Not taken yet

Dragons: The dragons allow for special abilities granted to its users. However The more powerful the ability, often side effects will be encountered. The dragons are physical creatures, however they can at their own will and command or at that from their owner or keeper change into a crystal, these crystals can be used like any peice of jewlery, placed in amulets, forged into weapons, kept as trinkets ect.

Fire: Allows mastery and control over fire, also allows the safe usage of fire magics.

Water: Allows mastery and control over water, also allows the safe usage of water magics.

Earth : Allows mastery and control over earth, also allows the safe usage of fire earth.

Storm: Power over lightening, electricity ect. Very powerful magics, however they are vastly uncontrolable and can harm friends as well as foes.

Holy: Power over light and health. Allows the user to heal others and regenerate more quickly. Also grants increased combat skills in defensive fighting.
However these abilites can never be used in anger or selfish ways. Useless to anyone who is not pure in soul.

Dark: Power over the darkness, shadows and evil. People who are not pure at heart can be influenced and swayed easily. Gives the ability to eliminate any light source within a nearby area. This dragon links directly with the life energies of the user, using its power drains the player and can kill them if used for too long.

Time: Can grant the user immortality from aging, however if the person were ever to seperate from the dragon / crystall for too long they would age rapidly and die within days. Also allows the user to bend time for a few seconds allowing them to move normally whilst everything around them will be moving at a slower rate. This however can cause random effects on the user / items they carry, such as a new sword instantly rusting, good food going stale or wounds becoming infected and life threatening as if not treated within those few seconds.

Metal: Allows the player mastery of metal, giving them the ability to bend and forge metals to their will. This is incredibly taking and draining on the user, often requiring many hours of rest to recover.

Cosmic: Grants small gimpses into the future and able to see / re-live the past of any character that they come into contact with, however the glimpses into the future are random and uncontrollable, whether they come in battle, at night, or in the day.
Arcane: Grants the knowledge to the user to use any form of magic, from elemental attacks to creating runes to creating portals, however the extreme wealth of knowledge was never designed for beings currently inhabiting the planet, and will cause the player to slowly degenerate into madness
Ethereal: Has the power to control shifting between a plane of existance similar to our own, giving the ability to walk though objects or avoid projectiles / attacks. However this ability can fade at any point without warning, and leaves the user vunerable to ethereal creatures that stalk this plane.

Names of the dragons are up to the players. Players that have a dragon will have to go through a dragon trial. They are not easy; keep this in mind when you are writing it. The dragons will not be in the beginning of the story but they will soon become a large part of it.

Otherwise, create your characters profiles :) Once I feel we have enough players to start, I will make a relevent thread.

Description,  hair color, items they carry, height, build, weapons of choice.
Background info. Give your character some spice!

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Re: The Dragons of Terra Firma (an open RP)
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2010, 05:31:18 am »
Name: Dargor
Age: Immortal
Sex: Male
Description: Long Brown Hair, Items carried (Bag containing herbs, ingredients, food, runes, scrolls, potions and potion making untencils) Height, 6'7". Build, muscly warrior mage build. Weapons of Choice: The Legendary Emerald Sword(2 handed claymore), Erioco (rare wood from the Ivory Forest) Bow, with Erioco Arrows and other arrows

Background Info. Mesa Dargor came from Realm of the Crystal Mountains where he and a number of other immortals (not many now) were being trained and being determined who the chosen one is. Mesa was deemed the chosen one a day before an attack from the Hell God which turned alot of the other immortals to stone. He survived then went on a quest to find the ancient book so he could revive the other immortals and stop the Hell God. It was on this quest that he found out the Dark Queen came in posession of the book. She knew of its power and cast it out to be hidden from all mortals. Mesa knew only part of what he needed so he set out to find the Ivory Palace where the Legendary Emerald Sword is kept. Thus on the way to finding the Ivory palace he came into battle with a cursed dragon, he defeated the dragon and chose not to kill thus the dragon become a loyal companion to Mesa. Once he claimed the sword the Dragon then said he would leave Dargor and return to him when he is ready for a dragon and companion. At that time he will then be able to name the dragon. Now Dargor is on his way to find a Dragon trainer so he can go through the trials and be able to get his dragon back
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Re: The Dragons of Terra Firma (an open RP)
« Reply #2 on: June 10, 2010, 08:30:02 am »
Name: Seto Neosis
Age: Late 20's early 30's
Sex: Male
Apearance: Slightly taller than the average person, but not so much that it is uncommon for him to meet people his own size. Very well built, long, flowing dark hair. Dark blue, nearly black eyes.

The distant rumble of seige weapons, and the resulting explosions shook the building, not to mention rippled the water in the jug that had been placed in front of Seto.

For two years, Seto had been on the front lines, serving the Skorlithian Templars, in its course for the future prophesized by the dragon crystal. But now, having been pushed back from the western mountains, into the open feilds, and finally into the Templar Archives, located on the eastern mountains.
However, he had been pulled from the front lines, and was now in one of the many underground rooms of the Grand Temple, for a reason he himself did not know yet.

The sparse, magical feel of the room, with maps, items and many mounds of paper in  binders scattered throughout the room, many of them the secrets of the Tadire, others of intelligence gathered on the enemies of the movement, gave a further seriousness of the situation right now. The Templars were digging into secrets the Skorlithian High Council deemed too dangerous, the magic of the Tadire was not to be used, but the Templars persisted, and now, the Skorlithian army had been sent to destroy them.

As he glanced around the room, and the jug of water shook more and more often, Seto nearly dozed off. Two years of war had taught him the value of the sleep that he declined while studying the secrets of the Tadire.

The door on the side of room flew open, rustling papers on that wall and startling Seto from his near sleep.

Seto snapped to attention, and glanced out of the door. There, standing in front of him, was the Grand Templar himself!

“At ease, my son,” he nodded, moving to the other side of the table that Seto had been sitting at.

Seto had never seen the Grand Templar up close before, but he was still very imposing. Despite his balding scalp, and the unshaven facial hair, he still held Seto through his eyes. His eyes seemed to bore right through the soul, showing the intelligence, cunning and knowledge that had let the Templars last for two years of conflict with the rest of the Skorlithian race.

“Seto,” he meekly smiled. The Grand Templar also seemed to be worn down, near the breaking point. “I have heard much about you.”

Seto nearly fainted with excitement. The leader of the Templars? He really knew about himself?

“Yes, and I have a mission for you,” he said, moving to one of the mounds of papers on one of the tables.

“What is it, my leader?” Seto asked.

“You are not of Skorlithian Blood are you?” he asked, looking over his shoulder.

“No, I am not” replied Seto, puzzled. Why would he be interested in that?

“And you learned much about these magics, correct?”

“Yes” Seto replied, very curious now.

The Grand Templar reached into a sack, and pulled out a massive scroll, apparently rolled and unrolled many times.

“Here, my son,” he beckoned, laying out the plans of something on the marble table.

Seto looked, and rubbed at the stubble growing on his chin. His black hair was equally unruly, and his gray uniform was filthy and smelled from the mud that was all around them now. His eyes darted up and down the scroll, realising what the Grand Templar was showing him.

“These are the invocations for the forbidden magics are they not?” asked Seto.

“Indeed my young follower,” he grinned. “This is supposed to be the pinacle of power, the creation plans for more dragon crysals.”

Seto stared at the massive scroll. But he got worried at the sheer size of the invocations.

“Your highness” Seto finally asked, “This seems too large for our movement to do.”

The Grand Templar looked at Seto, and nodded. “Indeed, even if we had all of our members from before the War, this is why I need your help, I want you to carry out this invocation”

Seto looked up again, stunned. “You want me too...too...” stammered the Tiranian.

“Indeed. I want you to go to the core of the Crater of Damnation, find the best suitable place to begin the spell, then go to the various other places throughout the lands to find enough followers.” he looked at Seto, and grinned. “This shall be the seeds for the resurgence of the Templars, for this battle has been lost, but the war is far from over.”

Seto looked at the scroll again and back at the Grand Templar. He sat up and brushed at the sleeve on his uniform.

“When do you want me to go?” asked Seto.

“Now. While you still can. We can only hold on here for a few days, and those few days will be all we have left to make sure the next coming will be more successful.” The Grand Templar rolled up the scroll. “Go to the change room. Phalnix armor has been made for you to change into, you will be ageless as long as you wear it, once you take it off, you will age as normal. Good Luck”

Seto nodded again, took the scrolls from the Grand Templar, and made his way to the door.

“Wait!” he stopped Seto who looked over his shoulder.

The Grand Templar made his way to a huge tome, unlocked and pulled out one of the drawers, from which he withdrawn an object the likes of which he had never seen before, he handed it to Seto.

“This will guarantee your escape, then you are ready, smash it on the floor under where you stand.”

Seto saluted and left.

The Grand Templar stayed in the room, and chuckled.

“Death, is only the beggining.”

Another near crash knocked over that jug of water, plus some shelfes in the far corner of the room. Dust rained from the ceiling, and the candles flickered. Despite all of that, he smiled.

“For once he succeeds, nothing will stop our crusade!” he said. “NOTHING!”

He looked around again at all the papers in the room.

“We shall rise, the world will shake in fear, and The Templars will be reborn!” he laughed, and made his own way out of the room and knocking over one of the laterns, spreading oil over the floor and setting the room ablaze.

Outside, his men stood ready. The Grand Templar moved into the middle of them all and took an amulet from his pocket. Raising it above his head he shouted, "We are those who watches they. We are the bringers of reribution. Those who quell the recalitrant. Dare you defy our power? Dare you face our merciless judgement?"


With that, the amulet shattered covering the room in a bright light. The Templars apeared lifeless, frozen, protected by a magic the sorts not seen for a millenia. The Temple above them becan to collapse, once the most important place on the planet now crumbling to ruins, its secrets never to be uncovered until the Templars Return. Yet as the huge columns of marble and stone onto them, never once were they touched. Just as the final marble supporting column collapsed, a massive explosion sent shockwaves throughout the land.

Within minutes the whole mountain that the temple was built into had collapsed into itself, nothing remained to be found.
The Skorlithian army declaired victory on this day.


Seto walked into the back room, and as the Grant Templar had promised, there was a Phalnix armor set waiting for him. Each set took tousands of man hours to make, only 5 were known to exist, 3 belonging to the Grand Templar and his 2 bodyguards. One, which has been shattered and spread throughout the land, granting a longer life to anyone who obtained a shard. And this one. Rumor had said this set was made for the Grand Templars  son, but now, it was for Seto.

The armor itself was long flowing robes, with large plate patches covering large parts. Though they never touched the robes, rather, floated slightly above it. Spikes extended from the joining lines, chainsmail and flowing enchanted ribons wrapped around the extremities. A cloak wrapped underneith the shoulder plates, flowing down to the floor, the helm, nearly entirely plate floated above the robes, spiked, with small trianular eye holes that glowed with an eerie mist. The color was a mixed between red black and gold.

As Seto neared the armor set, it seemed to be drawn towards him, he leant out his hand and picked the helm up. Placing it on his head the rest of the armor seemed to flow into life, wrapping around him, taking its place, protecting him. Seto looked in a mirror nearby, this was one of the finest armor sets the world had ever seen, but it came with a cost.

For Seto to remain ageless he could never take it off. Taking it off, would allow him to age as a normal mortal.

Looking to the corner of the room, a glowing chest caught his eye. He walked over and opened it, inside rested a blade that was found inside the Grand Temple, originally it was resited on a pedistal but due to its extremely potent magical energies it was never forged into a weapon. Seto remembered hearing the stories of men who tried to take the blade, just by touching it they would slowly desintergrate away as the life force was sucked out of them. This was not a weapon of justice, this was a weapon of terror. Why had it been left for him?

Seto closed the chest and sealed it. As he did so, he heard a chant from outside, then the room started to shake. He knew what was happening, the Grand Templar was stopping others from learning of their plan. He was out of time. Taking the item the Grand Templar had given him he smashed it on the ground, a darkness seemed to reach out from the broken shards and crawl up Seto, he froze, unable to move rather than unwilling, the darkness enveloped him and the chest then shrunk back down before exploding into a bright light, a blast so powerful it trembled the ground 10 days travel away. Seto was gone, the chest was gone.

A Millenia Later
A bright light lit up the night sky. On the edge of the Dark Queens empire the earth rumbled, a small town woken by the noise. In the middle of the Street knelt a man, next to a chest. The pubbles beneith him red hot and glowing.

He looks up.

"where am I?"

"when am I?"

He picks up the chest and begins walking, searching for a place to stay.

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Re: The Dragons of Terra Firma (an open RP)
« Reply #3 on: June 11, 2010, 09:43:32 am »
Name: Kangys Piroy

Age: 25

Sex: Male

Kangys has short brown hair, little bit messy but he washes it from time to time.
He has a small backpack like bag which holds some food, ingredients, tinder, firestone, a small diary, ink jar and a feather to write with. He also carries a different bag for his arrows
Kangys is about 6,7’’

Kangys is pretty muscular, but on a normal level. He is in great shape and has a very good condition.

Weapons of choice:
He has a short steel sword and a strong wooden bow.

Background info:
Kangys Piroy was born in on the plains of Artiana. He is a son of Artiana, the goddess of the plains. Kangys Piroy had a different childhood then every other kid in his village, the other children could play everyday until some certain age, but Kangys have been given a different way of life. They started training him from a much younger age, it is an tradition in the Artiana plains. They did this to first born child after the first moon of the every new year. All the other children never paid any attention to Kangys as they where told who he was, but one girl always seems to follow him around. Everytime when he could try to ask her something she went away giggling and hiding. Kangys had a strange feeling about her, but also a good one. Kangys training would hold that he would become a leader, someone who people will look up to and are able to guide them through times of fears.

At the age of 20 he was able to enter the ceremony. It was a big task for him, the test they gave him, were much more difficult then the ones he had in his training. They had did this on purpose, to see if he really was worthy to become a great leader. The ceremony lasted 10 days, he got 7 different challenges, these challenges could take from a few minutes to a few days, but a few days was too long, so he had to work for it, extra hard. The first challenge took him only an hour, but then he got a more difficult challenge, that took him a whole day, he was exhausted when he got back, he wanted to rest and recover, but he must go on if he wanted to complete his ceremony and become a great leader. After 7 day he got his last challenge, Kangys was tired and needed to sleep, he could just stand up. When he saw the challenge he saw that he had to bring a flower.
Kangys: ‘’A flower?’’
Elder: ‘’Yes, a flower, to be exactly, one from on the top of a mountain.’’
Kangys: ‘’But we live on the plains of Artiana…… Their aren’t mountains for many days away walking.’’
Elder: ‘’On foot yes, but on horse……’’
Kangys was given a horse and he went out on the plains and onto the mountains.

After two and a half days he returned with the flower from the top of a mountain, he took it out of this pocket and showed it to the elder. The elder took a deep breath, he looked at the flower and looked again to Kangys. This challenge also has a different test in it Kangys didn’t know of. If the flower still was in great shape, he would pass the challenge. Again the elder took a deep breath and looked Kangys deep in the eyes and said.
Elder: ‘’Do you think you will be a great leader, a guidance for these people?’’
Kangys: ‘’No…’’ he said and everybody was quiet, then he Kangys said.
‘’I know I will be a great leader for these people and I will give them the guidance they need!’’ he said with a strong voice.
The elder once again looked at the flower, the flower still had it its charms and colours.
Elder: ‘’You are confident and sure of your future, you are strong in your words, let me feel on your chest.’’
The elder felt on his chest to feel if he has a true heart, if has this, he would pass the challenge.
Elder: ‘’Kangys, I hereby say that you have passed the challenge, son of Artiana, new leader of the people of Artiana.

Kangys was a great leader, so great that the tradition was no longer used. Kangys married that girl from his childhood, her name is Chaya ( this might could be taken by somebody else ). They lived happily together and a year later they had a son named Thoran. Kangys is a great leader, but after 4 years, disaster strikes to the plains of Artiana.

The Hunwe Clan from the other areas were attacking the people of Artiana.
Thoran: ‘’Father! Father! They are attacking, the Hunwe Clan is attacking.’’
Kangys: ‘’Take your mother inside the house, it is to dangerous here!’’
Kangys son went inside with Yra. She was against it, but Kangys went to her and said:
Kangys: ‘’I will come back, I promise you this.’’ And he gave her a kiss. ‘’Now get inside! Its to dangerous.’’
Kangys had rounded up all of the other warriors and gave a small speech.
Kangys: ‘’The Hunwe Clan is out their, attacking our people. We stop them. They are with more warriors then us, anyone who wants to back out can go now.’’
Nobody went out and he continued.
Kangys: ‘’Ok, we will slowly go forward and hold our ground, we will defeat them, remember my words, we will defeat them!’’
After the battle against the Hunwe Clan the people from the plains of Artiana had lost a few warriors.
Kangys: ‘’We will remember these warriors…… They gave their lives to protect us. May they go over the plains of Artiana.’’
Chaya was glad Kangys had survived the battle. A few months later he decided to go to travel. To learn more about this environment, this world.

Kangys: ‘’I will travel to learn more, so when I come back I will be a better leader for the people of the plains of Artiana.’’
Chaya wasn’t happy with this choice, but she knew it was for the greater good. Kangys went off. A few months later he still wasn’t back. Chaya got worried and decided to go look for him. She had left the child Thoran with the Elders, she knew he would be in safe hands. Chaya was sure of it that she would find Kangys.
It was night and while Kangys was in the forest now and was writing in his diary, he spoke it out loud.
Kangys: ‘’Dear Diary, although I have been travelling a few months now, this is the first time I have start writing in my diary. First things first, I will be on the way longer, so if anyone finds this, I will be away for a long time, maybe a few more months or maybe even 10 years, just make sure that the leader that will take my place for that time, is a worthy one!’’
He closed his diary, put all his stuff back in his bag and went to sleep. The next he woke up and went on moving again. ( This is where my character’s story begins, remember.. the part of Chaya can be taken by someone! )
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Re: The Dragons of Terra Firma (an open RP)
« Reply #4 on: June 24, 2010, 03:42:46 pm »
Is it dead?
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Re: The Dragons of Terra Firma (an open RP)
« Reply #5 on: June 24, 2010, 06:05:52 pm »
I'd say so
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Re: The Dragons of Terra Firma (an open RP)
« Reply #6 on: June 24, 2010, 07:03:04 pm »
3 weeks only 20 views, yea... no point starting it.

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Re: The Dragons of Terra Firma (an open RP)
« Reply #7 on: June 24, 2010, 08:22:19 pm »
it was worth a shot anyway
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