Guidelines for posting in Pamrel nìNa'vi nì'aw

Started by Alyara Arati, April 28, 2011, 06:05:56 PM

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Alyara Arati

This board is here for those of you wishing to either write your own or translate already existing poems and stories.  These works must be in Na'vi.  Conversation may occur in any language for the sake of clarity, but please try to express yourself first in Na'vi before resorting to other languages.  For those of you wishing to post poems that are not in Na'vi, for now I can only refer you to the "Fanfiction" section.  If you need such major help translating a work into Na'vi that you are reluctant to try it yourself, I'm sure that you will receive much assistance in Beginners or Intermediate.  Or, of course, if you have stories in other languages, I am sure that you already post in "Fanfiction".  If a topic were to become popular(multiple replies/views); it can be stickied upon request, as I have figured out how to do that now.  ;)
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