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List of all LN member-made Na'vi songs

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I wanted to assemble a list of all Na'vi songs, which are made (and sung) by LN members. With their Youtube links and link for download (Both of which are not necessary).

Name                                  Author(s)    T  D  Y  L  Txon AmaweyTalisTDYLTewti ma utralTalisTDYLFpomä SamsiyuTalisTDYLLiebesliedTalisTDYLFkewa TsamsiyuTalisTDYLMaria kxamlä na'rìng käTalisTDYLTìyawnìl tìsraw seykiTalisTDYLAyrìk ta UtralTalisTDYLSong about the story of AVATAR     Hifkey'Tìranyu & Talis   TDYLSteykiTirea Aean & Txonä Rolyu   TDYLOeru Ngal PolawmHTML_EarthTDYLFwela Syalitomängum fra'utiTDYLTìrol HufweyäFortunaTDYLPum-Ti-A-Ta TìrolFtiafpi & Eltu lefngap 'evengTDYLTaw lu 'EmFtiafpiTDYLTutan AkoakTalisTDYLSrake nga srew oehu?PlumpsTDYLLivu lunPlumpsTDYLOeyä Hì'ia Pa'li: Tì'eylan lu Me'emHTML_EarthTDYLKrr a Txon'ongTalisTDYLWhere have all the flowers gone´eveng te atanTDYLTätxawyuPlumpsTDYLTxon AmaweyTxonä RolyuTDYLPalulukan Hahaw FìtxonTxonä RolyuTDYLFtxozäri Aylrrtok NgaruChok.itanTDYLNgal Oeru PolawmChok.itanTDYLTìrol tokxäAylara AlatiTDYLTrrayUniltìrantokx te SkxawngTDYLKelku mì TayoFtiafpi & eejmensenikbenhetTDYLTompat pomAlyara AratiTDYL'Itetsyìp payäBlue Elf & Alyara AratiTDYLSponoä WayIthisa KîranemTDYLOel Ngati Kameieeejmensenikbenhet & Alyara AratiTDYLSätswayon TorukäTìtstewanTDYLOehu TivìranTirea AeanTDYLwayä aylì’uPlumpsTDYLSyena Na'viyä TuteTalisTDYLSteven Universe theme nìna'viAceOfFoursTDYLLoma KelutralPlumpsTDSLTsongmì NìtxukxPlumpsTDSLTanhìtsyìpTirea AeanTDSL
I'd like to have here as up-to-date database, if it's possible. :) Feel free to post songs here which you want to be added. I can't find all of them; the forum is too big. :)

That’s a great idea! :) and definitely worth sticky-ing once the list is a bit bigger and more concise.

Here's a list of Talis' songs:

--- Quote from: Talis on January 14, 2011, 04:05:02 pm ---Liebeslied
Fpomä Samsiyu
Fkewa Tsamsiyu
Maria kxamlä na'rìng kä
Txon amawey
Tewti ma Utral
Tìyawnìl tìsraw seyki
Ayrìk ta Utral

--- End quote ---

Ftxavanga Txe′lan:
I also believe it's a great idea! :D I will most probably add all of the mentioned songs into my favourites when possible. :3 hrh

All talisyä songs should be in the list right now... If you found an Youtube video for song which have "Y" symbol, please, post that link here. :)

EDIT: Also if you found a topic about song which has "T", or found a song to download (marked with "D"), also post here. And if you found an song, which is not in the list below, feel free and post here with links. :)


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