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When I read book Bikini by Janusz Leon Wisniewski (mostly based on true events), I found in final chapters this short but interesting song - it's song composed by one of people from Bikini island (Marshall Islands) in Pacific.
In 1946 the United States chose the Bikini island as a testing site for nuclear weapons and American officials forced the residents of Bikini to leave their homes and resettle on several uninhabited islands in Marshall Islands. In same year, one Bikinian man (Lore Kessibuki) wrote this song about his lost homeland. In next years, this song became the official anthem of Bikinian people.

Here is attempt about Na'vi verson:

Oe ke tsun 'ivì'awn fìtsenget nulkrr
Oe ke tsun rivey fìtsenge nìmwey sì nìme'em
Nìtut oel zerok kelkuti oeyä, oe ke tsun ftivang

Tsa'okìl ke txìng ronsemit oeyä nìtut
Pumìl tìng tìkeftxoti oeru, set nì'aw oe zerok

Vitral oeyä txìng oeti ulte hum neto
Tsatsengro txantura tireal rayun pumit 'awlo
Nì'aw mawkrr oel rayun fpomit a tìng tìseykxel oeti

Original lyrics:

English version:
(For translation into Na'vi I used mostly czech translation brom book)

This song (sung by the people of Bikini) you can listen here (from 0:57 to 2:50):


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