Pamrelfya The Na'vi Alphabet Song

Started by Tirea Aean, August 23, 2015, 09:04:08 PM

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Tirea Aean

Na'vi letters of the alphabet by Prrton, Tirea Aean, Plumps, Kemaweyan et. al.
Arranged by @NeytiriTeTskaha
Performed/recorded by Tirea Aean


  C             F   G
F     C    G      C
G        F       C       G
G          F     C          G
C          F     G
U,Vä,Wä,   Yä sì Zä
F     C   G    C
fì'u lu pamrelfya


Now I know my ABC. It's time to sing it with me!

*sends karma missiles 'cause it's awesome*
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Eana Unil



Txantsana Tìrol ma Tirea! Yay! Moar sounds! :D

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+1! More songs in Na'vi are always great! :D

Wow, I thought this alphabet song (melody) was only Dutch. Turns out it is international! Very cool :D

Tirea Aean

Irayo nìtxan ma frapo!

I'm glad you all like this!  Next I will be releasing a recording of a translation of Twinkle twinkle little star in A. :)


WoW! Such a great song :) Keep it going, ma Tirea Aean.

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I thought about that as well when the alphabet was released but I thought it wouldn't go because of the number of letters and no rhymes. It doesn't sound that bad though :D Great work, ma Tirea!


Sunu oer nìtxan ma TA!
I'm definitely going to memorize this asap.

Tirea Aean

Tìtstewan, what did you do? I need to find this song and it's gone. Also so is MGallery.php. O________o

EDIT: Fixed.  Ma Tìtstewan, as I'm sure you're aware, upgrading /changing the gallery plugin has broken every single link to the Gallery especially embedded photos and mp3, ever posted. ;D HRH


hrh! no image or file is lost and they should be there where you have uploaded it. :) there is no real way to fix the old links, unfortunately. :(

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