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Sound Life (Rem's song from Trigun) translated into Na'vi
« on: May 04, 2011, 06:23:42 am »
I just saw Trigun for the first time last month. I was wholly captivated.

There is a song with a haunting melody that figures strongly in the main character's memories. Here is a studio version of the song, from the first Trigun soundtrack.

Here are the lyrics in japanese and someone's translation to english.

I do not know any japanese, so I am completely relying on this english translation.

Warning: my grammar is horrible. Please help me!!!

Original / Romaji Lyrics
from animelyrics
English Translation
from animelyrics
Na'vi attempt by me
So...   hitotsu-me no yoru ni
izuko kara koishi ga sekai ni ochiru
So...   On the first night,
a pebble falls to the earth from somewhere.
So...  mì awve-a txon,
on first-ADJ night
tskxetsyìp zup ne kllte ftu tsengo
rock/stone-DIMINUTIVE falls onto ground from somewhere
A little rock falls on the ground from somewhere.
So...    futatsu-me no yoru ni
koishi no ko ga te wo tori WARUTSU wo kaku
Sound life
So...   On the second night,
The pebble's children hold hands and sketch a waltz.
Sound life
So... mì muve-a txon,
on second-ADJ night
tskxetsyìp-yä eveng-ìl ’awstengyem syokx-it ulte srew
rock-DIMINUTIVE-GEN PLURAL+child-ERG join(two things together) PLURAL+hand-PAT and dance ("and dance" is dubious; may have to do more grammar shenanigans?)
The little rock's children join hands and dance.
(can I use "make a dance" with si somehow?)
Sound life
So...   mitsu-me no yoru ni
WARUTSU no ko wa yonamo ni UE-BU wo utsu
So...   On the third night,
The children of the waltz cause ripples on the face of the world
So... mì pxeyve-a txon
on third-ADJ night
tì-srew-yä eveng-ìl r<eyk>ikx kifkey-ä key-t
[noun deriving affix]-dance-GEN PLURAL+child-ERG move<causative> world-GEN face-PAT
the dance's children cause the world's face to move (to be moved?).
I'm ditching "causing ripples on the world" for the simpler "cause the world to move."
So...   yotsu-me no yoru ni
nami no ko wa kishibe ni shibuki wo ageru
Sound life
So...   On the fourth night,
the children of the wave spray the shore.
Sound life
So... mì tsìve txon,
on fourth night
tì-rikx-ä eveng-il spä sìn txampay-ä pxawpa-ti
[noun deriving affix]-move PLURAL+child-ERG onto ocean-GEN border-PAT
The movement's children jump onto the ocean's perimeter.
Sound life
So...   itsutsu-me no yoru ni
sono kakera ikudomo yonamo wo tataku
So...   On the fifth night,
those shards strike the face of the earth over and over.
So... mì mrrve-a txon
on fifth-ADJ night
tsay+swizaw-il takuk kifkey-ä key-t nìmun nìmun sì
those+arrow-ERG strike world's face-PAT again and again
So...   mutsu-me no yoru ni
sono aizu ni tabibito wa tsudoiau
Sound life
So...   On the sixth night,
those signals bring travellers together.
Sound life
So... mì puve-a txon
on sixth-ADJ night
tsay+sä-tse'a-l starsìm ’awsiteng ay+sopyu-ti
those-sight-ERG gather together plural-traveller-PAT

Sound life
So...   nanatsu-me no yoru ni
omosa no nai fune wa sora e to hashiru
So...   On the seventh night,
a weightless ship races to the sky.
So... mì kive-a txon
on seventh-ADJ night
So...   yatsu-me no asa ni
izuko kara no uta ga mimi e to todoku
Sound life
So...   On the eighth morning,
a song from somewhere reaches my ears.
Sound life
So... mì volve-a rewon,
while eighth-ADJ morning

Sound life
saa...   atarashii sora ni
subete wo shirushita kumikyoku ga hibiku
Sound life
Sound life
Well then...   A song that has recorded everything
echoes to the new sky.
Sound life
Sound life
ha... tìrol
so... song

Sound life
Sound life


- I have kept the "So...." and the "Sound Life" in English, because they are in English in the original Japanese song.
- This is a perfect song to be translated into Na'vi because it counts up to eight (thereby aiding in the teaching of the numbers), and because the Na'vi have an octal number system.
- Also it is about ships in the sky and starting a new life on a faraway planet and cause and effect and sadness and longing and beauty and songs.
- Thank you entity on irc for helping at 7:22am 5/4. haha
- scraps:  na key-ti
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