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Pictures of your favourite places on Earth

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I would love to go too!


--- Quote from: archaic on July 26, 2020, 05:14:56 pm ---I would love to go too!

--- End quote ---
Mee too! :)

It's super fun! I loved Pandora so much. I wanna go back soooo badly, but obviously can't as of right now.  :'( Hopefully next year.  :D

I believe that it's super fun... I wish I would visit it someday too...

Okay, I put here image from one my favourite place too.
I already posted it somewhere else but I will post here too because it's really my favourite place - it's place where I recently observed Perseids meteors.  It's on hill and here is nice view into landscape. I took this image at morning after night of Perseids.



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