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Pictures of your favourite places on Earth

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On this thread you can post as many pictures as you want that depict the places on Earth you like the most. Ideally the places should actually exist in real life. Bonus points if you've already been there.

You're encouraged but not forced to add a description or a paragraph describing the place and/or why you like it. You are also allowed to discuss further about these places even if no picture is posted.


I will start. My favourite place is a small waterfall in a river not too far from home. I like it because it's a calm place and if you don't go during the weekend people don't really come there. Therefore it's perfect for a picnic and/or an afternoon.

That is very nice idea, I like it! Tommorow I will try find some pictures of my favourite place(s).

That your picture is nice and that place looks really great! :)

I have many favorite places in the world, but I'll put this place here because I know that many will agree.  :)

Haven't been but yes  ;D


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