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Kaltxì frapo. I'm from Czech, not from Portugese and I don't understood to your langage. Im writting here only because i want to invite you to this topic: We're planning European meetup for summer. So if you want to join this meetup so visit that topic. :) I'll be very happy, if on the meetup will be many peoples. :) So... For now... Eywa ngahu.

EDIT: If you are replying to me, please, write in english. :) thanks. :)

European meetup - Aki tem muito mais Sulamericanos que Europeus!!!  :D

Pietro M B:
Alguma idéia para um encontro?


--- Quote from: Pietro M B on March 06, 2010, 01:47:11 am ---Alguma idéia para um encontro?

--- End quote ---

Encontros soh na net msm pelo group [email protected] até agora soh tem 1 membro que mora perto de mim aki em brasília!!!

I am absolutely too late, but I think I should translate what has been said here:

Lukxasì: European Meetup - there are here much more South Americans than European people here.

Notice: He means that most of the Portuguese speakers here are from Brazil.

Pietro M B: Does anyone has an idea for a meetup?

Lukxasì: Meetups, only by Internet in our group [email protected] Until now it has only one member that lives near me, here in Brasilia.


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