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Good work MIPP :)

This video (uploaded by me, translated by you) was watched over 1,6 million times in three weeks. Her story and comparison with Na'vi was on websites and newspapers almost in every country.

So thanks to your translation this poor, tall girl is now famous worldwide and local hospital decided to treat her for free.

Even more - last Sunday Elisany was a guest of Domingo Legal, live TV show in Brazil:

part 1:
part 2:

I know it's a lot of work, but could you make Portuguese transcription of this video? I presume that this is your mother tongue, so it shouldn't be too difficult and time consuming for you. Then I'll use google translator and try to translate it into English and I'll make YouTube subtitles.

Why her mother cries for joy at the end of this video? What happened? :)

It's my mother tongue, I'll try, but I can't do it for now. I'll need some hours/one or two days.
Btw, I'll give it to you with the english translation.

Great, many people are waiting for it :)

I am still with no time. Sorry  :(

Faheu Akawng:


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