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A few questions about playing with "I see you"..

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omängum fra'uti:

--- Quote from: tute nuereime on December 24, 2009, 09:08:53 pm ---well if you look at their culture then i don't see you would (in my opinion) be a bigger insult because you don't recognize them as part of the na'vi people but if viewed with a non-na'vi mind set like "i don't see you because you are behind that rock" then the other form would be more insulting.

--- End quote ---
Right, "I don't see you" is a bad enough insult as it is.  But to say "I see you" and imply your dislike/disgust for the fact that you DO see them?  That seems like it's a pretty bad insult too.

I guess the first could be seen as "I don't even accept your existence" while the second is more like "I really don't like you, but I have to at least acknowledge you by custom".

tute nuereime:
couldn't have said it better myself


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