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A few questions about playing with "I see you"..

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Ta'em tskxe:
Hey all,
So we all know

Oel ngati kameie -> I you see (good)

"I" being the subject, "You" being the object. Meaning the subject is doing something to the object.
I think that's right?

Whats the difference between the following?

Oel ngati kamänge - I you see (bad)

Oel ngati kekame - I you see not


omängum fra'uti:
äng doesn't negate the verb, just shows disgust/distaste towards that action while ke just negates the verb.

I see you, and it revolts me
I don't see you

Ta'em tskxe:
I see.

So technically both could be seen as an insult? :)

omängum fra'uti:
Yes, and I'm not sure which one would be the worse insult.

tute nuereime:
well if you look at their culture then i don't see you would (in my opinion) be a bigger insult because you don't recognize them as part of the na'vi people but if viewed with a non-na'vi mind set like "i don't see you because you are behind that rock" then the other form would be more insulting.


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