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fì + i


As a rule, i know that Na'vi avoids long or double vowels. I have een explicit examples of tsa- + a being simplified to tsa- (as in plural tsay- instead of tsaay-).

However I dont remember seeng any examples, or reading any rules about what happens when we want to say "this ikran". Would it be fì-ikran, or fikran (or, even, fìkran)?

I checked some automatically generated examples in dict-navi.com and indeed it provides examples like fìikran , but this is unlike what I know about Na'vi so far (my hunch), so I had to ask if there is an explicit rule or example about this.

Kaltxì ma Mech,

for a confirmation there is this. As you said correctly it talks about tsa- + a and fì- + ì. Other combinations are treated as usual; i.e. tsa- + ä and fì- + i remain as is. There is an official example of fìikran, if I’m not mistaken, on Na’viteri but at the moment I’m unable to find it :-\

Have to check with my sources later.

Edit: It was fìioang ;)

You can find the example here

Tirea Aean:
despite being unlike what you've heard, it's still fìikran because i and ì are not the same.

My (mistaken) hunch was because in other places ì + i seem to be merged, despite being different vowels.

One such example is tinan from tì + inan, and not tìinan

So we have fìikran but not tìinan.  :o

Possible explanation: perhaps the nominalizing prefix is considered more like a part of the word with a strong connection that tends to merge similar vowels; but the "connection" of a prenoun to the noun is less "strong", so that similar (but not identical) vowels remain seaparate  ???

Tirea Aean:
Yeah, that would be my theory as well.

And we also have things like ayyerik, ayyayo, and fya'o-o and tsko-o despite identical double vowels and double consonants not being a thing; I think it only happens at morpheme boundaries.

and apxaa / aapxa ==> apxa
and meylan, pxeylan, peylan from 'eylan
tsatan from tsa-  atan

yeah I guess it's a bit weird. If anything If there were a merger on iì / ìi, I would have expected fikran, having lost the ì due to the i being stressed.

Now, what about tsa-ätxäle? Is that one any less weird? it's still tsaätxala to my knowledge.


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