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I am reading through Na'vi in a nutshell at the part about pronouns and prefixes for inclusive. for oe, it says dual exclusive is "moe", and dual inclusive is oeng. Is this right? Shouldn't the dual inclusive be "moeng"? Or is this just one of those exceptions?

Alyara Arati:
With oeng, the smallest number you can have and still be we is two.  It's "assumed", and the "m" becomes unneeded.  Does that make sense?  If not, let me know and I'll try to explain it better.  Thank you for asking this question.  Questions are always good! :)

Kaltxì ma Ateyo!

Tse, the pronouns hasn't infixes but prefixes like me-, pxe- etc.
oe is I
moe is we both (exclusive)
oeng is we both (inclusive)

*moeng doesn't exist. because oeng IS already mean two persons (dual).

If you want, just take a look at the The Pronoun Guide. There are listened a lots of form of the pronouns. ;)

A note about Na'vi in a nutshell:
This book is a bit outdated and I know some members will rewrite it new.

Edit: ninja'd ;D

Irayo, ma meylan! That makes perfect sense, I didn't think of it that way.

Blue Elf:
Also you can look at this prezzi lesson: http://prezi.com/dfadopu1e1cc/np2-me-and-mine/
Here are very nice pictures, which show difference between exclusive and inclusive pronouns clearly.


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