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--- Quote from: Blue Elf on March 11, 2011, 04:34:47 pm ---Oel pot tsp<ìm><ìy>ang - 2 infixes at first position
--- End quote ---
That was deemed as an error (at the Workshop in October) – it should not have been constructed this way since tense infixes cannot proceed each other

The case with ‹äp› and ‹eyk› are a bit different. They can come after another as ‹äpeyk›

--- Quote from: Blue Elf on March 11, 2011, 04:34:47 pm ---Oe t<äp><eyk><ìy>erk<äng>up nìnäk - 2 infixes at prefirst position (too strange for me to translate, not even sure if it is correct)
--- End quote ---
That’s something like, “I am going to cause myself to die by way of drinking (and feel bad about it)”

The canon example even had the combination ‹ìyev› in it to make it longer.
So, to answer your question, in this construct it should be possible to put 4 ‘separate’ infixes in one verb.

Blue Elf:
Irayo, ma Plumps, oe lu nì'it kanu nì'ul nìmun :)

Kaltxì ma frapo!  :)
Oel kameie ayngati! One tip I learned. Look at the word from the back and locate the first wovel, in front of that you put the 2nd infix, look for the second wovel from the end, you put 0-infix and 1-infix there.
For example k-am-e, then it is k<0-infix><1-infix>am<2-infix>e
For words like i-l, then it's i<0-infix><1-infix><2-infix>l
PLEASE NOTE!! There are some (very few, but anyway) words that don't act like this rule!! :( So, look in the dictionary to be sure where to put the infixes. But, it's a good beginner's rule.  Good luck! Eywa ayngahuu! Kìyevame Il Sogno Viandante

Tirea Aean:
yet another [two-year] old thread revived. ::) ;D

Well, I have an even better method, that works every single time. It was on my blog. Check out the bottom of Lesson 2 of my lessons blog:


EDIT: O. I see! You've whipped up a little something so you can  do it without looking in the dictionary. ah ok. yeh, that's pretty much it. But I generally look at words like this:

--- Quote from: http://forum.learnnavi.org/prefixes-infixes-and-suffixes/easy-guide-to-navi-prefixes-infixes-and-suffixes-ii/ ---
verb infix positions:
t<0><1>ar<2>on (two syllable regular)
<0><1>om<2>um (two syllable starts with vowel)
srung s<0><1><2>i (si verb)
yomt<0><1><2>ìng (compound, head last)
n<0><1><2>ewomum (compound, head first)

--- End quote ---

if that makes sense. If not, I can explain further. :)


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