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I'm pretty confused about inflections. How do you know where to put the infix in a word?

For instance:

Taron "Hunts" -> T<im>aron "Just hunted"

I can see that the infix becomes the first syllable, but I believe I've seen the infix become the second syllable of various words as well.

If you learned well your lesson you know that there are two sorts of infixes. The firsts are in the first syllabe, always, and the seconds in the penultimate. If you have a three syllabic verb with a infix in the second syllab, it's one of the second category.

More generally, the infixes are placed just before the vowel (if i've learned well too :P)

Edit : oh sorry, i didn't learned well u___u

The firsts are in the penultimate syllabe, always, and the seconds in the last.
=> ta-ron
and it's not before the vowel, it's after the consonnant...(i'd better go to bed  ;D)

Thanks for your help...

I'm afraid I still don't quite understand, but I get it a little better now. In time, I suppose.

Certain infixes go in certain slots — that's just grammar we'll have to memorize.  So, the affect infixes (<ei> and <äng>) will always be in the last syllable.  The aspect and tense infixes — of which there seem to be a lot, not all of which we've been told about — go in the next-to-last syllable ("penultimate" in linguistic jargon).  Since tense and aspect infixes can sensibly go together, it looks like we'll have to memorize the order we insert those, too.

I see... I'll have to prepare flash cards once I learn more about this.


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