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A small and probably easy question: do noun prefixes lenite if they are preceded by a lenition-causing adposition? For example the trial prefix pxe- and the question prefix pe- could lenite to pe- and fe- :)


Nga 'olem mì pe-/pxe-helku srak?
Did you cook in three houses?

Nga 'olem mì fe-/pe-helku?
In which house did you cook?

My guess would be that they do lenite, but I was not able to find an example... :)

From the logic, yes, they will be lenited. There is no reason why it shouldn't. :)

...mì pehelku
...mì fehelku

Okay :) Irayo ma Tìtstewan :D

We know that mì+ causes lenition of next consonant even if that is not the noun to which mì+ is related:

  mì + peyä kelku → mì feyä kelku (not *mì peyä helku)

So I agree with Tìtstewan, it should be mì pehelku (not mì pxehelku) and mì fehelku (not mì pehelku).

Tirea Aean:
Yes, all those are not exempt from lenition. Even people's names are subject to lenition. (ìlä Feyral = according to Peyral)

The only words exempt from lenition are those that start with the syllable: 'rr or 'll. This is because lenition states ' gets dropped. But phonetic rules that override this say no word or syllable can start with rr or ll. So therefore you can have stuff like: mì 'rrta.

And I also totally agree with Kemaweyan and Tìtstewan.

Edit: if I ever saw mì pehelku, I would read that as: in three homes. mì fehelku I would read as: in what home?


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