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on the word 'sì'

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So the word sì I have some question about rhe word sì. on this memrise course it shows you can use it as a suffix to mean the same thing. such as ontu sì kinam but also as ontu kinamsì, and I was wondering if this was correct at all and worth learning still, since I'm having trouble finding any other mention of it. and if so, would it cause any lenition? since on the course it shows it causing that apparently?

(sorry for any mispellings, Im not used to using an iPad which is what im typing on)

Of course, one can add sì as suffix.

EDIT: See Horen

but would it cause lenition at all? ??? Since on the course it shows aylì'u horensì, where koren shows lenition with the h instead of k.

sì does not cause lenition. aylì'u horensì = words and rules (both words are in plural)

Aaaah I see now. Irayo ma Tìtstewan!


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