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ro+ vs. mì+

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Hmm ... interesting!

So Tsawke mì saw is more right if I want say Sun on the sky, kefyak?


Your examples are clear, but when we get mì into the scene, what is the difference between

mì srr (I think -o is not needed here)
ro srro
ka trro


I think that mì somehow overlaps with the other two, standing somewhere between. I mean, I think that in your above examples with ro and ka, you could have the option to use mì instead

I think of it not as an overlap, but as close refinement of the meaning:

1) mì is a generic meaning, it covers all the situations
2) -o refines the meaning by focusing on interval of time
3) then, ka and ro dig deeper into detail and differ between "full-time duration" and "some moment within that interval"

So, if I donť have to mention such details, I'd stay with mì.
The other variants should be used only when needed. ;)

Blue Elf:

--- Quote from: Mech on February 13, 2018, 02:29:10 pm ---(btw would it be allowable to suffix it as trrro?)

--- End quote ---
although ro adposition can be normally used as suffix (it means postposition :), or as linguists say, enclitic adposition), *trrro is not allowed, IMHO.
Problem is in triple r - how to pronounce it? It can't be shortened to trro either, as -o suffix means time duration. So the only correct version is ro srr.


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