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ro+ vs. mì+

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The adposition ro+ is explained in the dicitonary only as "at (locative)" but I have found no details or examples. For all intents and purposes it seems to be overlapping with mì+

i think (not sure how I can justify it) that ro+ is used for buildings. Eg. at home or at work. Whereas mì+ is used for both more specific (eg. a box) and more general (eg. an area, a planet) locations.

(Side-question: which adposition we use for saying "on the table"?)

Edit: I see there is an old discussion on this issue. Let's see if there is something new about it, or just delete this post :)

Eana Unil:
Currently on mobile device so sorry for the short answer beforehand.
Ro is used for stuff like “at the communal fireplace“ “at hometree“ where mì would mean in the fireplace or in hometree. Mì is more commonly used because its meaning can be used in a broader sense.

What EanaUnil said ;)

ro+ is locative “at” as well as temporal, e.g. in:

     Ro srro Ralu zola’u fte oehu ultxa sivi.
     ‘One day Ralu came to meet with me.’

mì+ is for “in” or “on” (a planetary surface).

“On the table” I’d say is sìn fyanyo

I refer you to my Annotated Dictionary – maybe you can work better with examples. ;)

Thanks for the replies. As for "on the day", there are some examples where mì is used :/

Fìtrrmì letsranten (on this important day).

Could there be a difference between ro srr and mì srr?

(btw would it be allowable to suffix it as trrro?)

Kaltxì ma Mech :-)

The adposition mì is used with words of time, because the basic meaning of ro is about location, not time.

There is however one specialty, when ro is used to distinguish between intervals of time.
The suffix -o means "time interval", and with adpositions ro or ka we can say "within the interval of time" or "during entire interval of time":
     Pa’li tolätxaw ro tono. - The direhorse returned in the night (at some unspecified point of time within the night)
     Tompa zolup ka txono. - The rain was falling at night (during the night, all the time from evening to morning)

And yes, ro can be used as a suffix, just as any other adposition. ;)
     Po ’olongokx ’Rrtaro - He was born on the Earth.


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