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second slot of verbs


We say "Oel ngati kameie", where "ei" gives a positive sense. Could one say "Kaltxì ma skxawng, oel ngati kamänge"? What else can go in the second slot?

Taronyu Leleioae:
As a quick guide, there are three infix positions.


<0> is unique and is where the infixes for manipulation go.  <äp> for self, <eyk> for causative (someone or something is forced to...).  If you need both, it is always <äp><eyk>

<1> is your most common infix to describe tense (past, present, future) or aspect (done/completed, still happening).  You also put the <iv> infix here which is used with modal verbs.

<2> is unique for mood which includes <ei> happy/positive, <äng> unhappy/negative, <uy> honorary/ceremonial, and <ats> evidential/uncertainty.

An example of <ats> could be:

Po k<ol><ats>ä ne na'rìng.
He must have gone to the forest.

(You have both an aspect <ol> and mood <ats> being used in this sentence...)

There is a very helpful Infix Chart created by Nyx that can be good to have especially when learning.

There is also the "Easy Guide to Na'vi Prefixes, Infixes, and Suffixes" created by Tirea Aean as a summary.


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