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Since the demise of na.learnnavi.org I miss the presentation and whiteboard capabilities of the BigBlueButton server. So, I have decided to set up a BBB server, for the sole purpose of intensify our language experience.
Four rooms are available, including whiteboard, audio, webcam and desktop sharing capability. There are no passwords and everyone can become a teacher/presenter.
A small (max 32 users simultaneously) Teamspeak server is also included, mimicking the BBB room structure, in case of malfunction or inaccessibility of the LearnNavi Teamspeak.

The server is available here.
It does not have its own domain. Although I am allowed to run it in my workplace, I can´t "point" an independent domain to it.

Although historically based as a part of the Ngaynume project, it is not limited to it. Feel free to use this server for any reasonable purpose, however keep in mind that the Na’vi-related activities have priority. ;)

Edit: As you probably know, Adobe Flash is mostly gone into history. Although there are options how to run flash-capable browser, those are out of the scope of the average people.
Therefore, I did shut down the server. It is still ready if a need arises, but there is no point in keeping it running 24/7.

looks nice

I hope everyone will be aware about that.

Tirea Aean:
This is cool. Thanks for this.

Did you know about the Learn Na'vi WebEx? I think Toruk Makto posted about it somewhere. Quite similar to BBB, I think.

Blue Elf:
Oh ma Tanri, still alive? :) I'll try to come on some day, when my job don't cause me to be too tired. Are there some days when more people come? Or even regular meetings?

Nìprrte :)
Yes, I am aware of WebEx, however I still consider BBB better. Unlike WebEx, it is free (both as a freedom and a price), it runs on both legacy and newest systems.
Nothing is perfect, so BBB has some drawbacks - it depends on Flash (HTML5 version still in development), the audio support is far from perfect and the whiteboard is rudimentary, sort of.
The combination of Teamspeak and BigBlueButton is hard to beat, nevertheless.

Yes, still alive, still on the Teamspeak (krro krro) :D
Those regular talks I miss badly. I hope the spoken language gets more attention, especially here in the European timezones.
These days I know about only one group doing regular meetings on Teamspeak - the German Lerngruppe. The current timing is every Wednesday, 20:30 CET.


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