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Tirea Aean:
I made this topic due to popular demand...I hope it works...Please tell me the information needed to complete the chart below. I want as many class times written here on this post as are really going to occur.

Hover your mouse over this ->>>LIST OF CLASS TIMES*

So far, Here's what we got:

* Friday 6:30 AM
* Friday 10:00 AM
* Friday 11:00 AM
* Friday 5:00 PM
* Saturday 12:00 AM
* Saturday 3:00 AM

Only these class times for Launch 3 have been decided. I will leave it up to KS members. PLEASE KS members, report to me your times so i can update this post.

Friday, 8PM (UTC+10), 7PM(UTC+9), 6PM(UTC+8)


--- Quote from: Le'eylan on June 04, 2010, 12:59:26 pm ---Nice to have so many students in class today :D
(but I hope for more next week)

Just to make it really clear:

If you live in the +1 timezone, we will have the class on teamspeak when the clock turns 6PM / 18:00.
So when you see that your clock turns 6 PM / 18- class is starting!

If you live in the +2 timezone, log on to teamspeak at 7PM / 19:00, cause that's when the class starts. So when you see that your clock turns 7 PM / 19- class is starting!

everyone got it?
you don't have to add or take away an hour.
If you live in +2, I'll see you att 7 PM / 19:00, and if you live in +1 I'll see you at 6PM / 18:00
And if this isn't clear enough, ask! I don't want you guys to miss the classes  :D


--- End quote ---

To Le'eylan's students: This is talking about every Friday. Just wanted it to be super clear.

--Spirit Blue

Txonä Unil Stä'nìyu Rolyusì:
Ikran Clan of the Western Sea (GMT -8) is meeting Friday nights at 1800 hours (6pm)

-Txona Rolyu

Tirea Aean:
East Side US (GMT-5) will continue to meet every Friday at 1900(7PM)


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