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Tirea Aean:
This is the Facebook message that I am sending to my Facebook friends who are interested. I figured this post should also be on the forum, so here it is:

Project NgayNume is my new Learn Na'vi experiment. I am recruiting students. We will be taking a new approach to learning. With the ideals of Slimz and ExLibrisMortis, my colleagues from Teamspeak3.(ts.learnnavi.org:9987) Their hypothesis is that if we use direct association, we will truly learn the language and that translation is not the most effective method.

What we will do:

We will use a skype group to start with. If that group gets too large, I will move the class to the learnnavi.org Teamspeak3 server(you can find info on that in the website info bord on the forum here.("Teamspeak server ONLINE!") I will have a private channel for us.

We will also use tree of voices. More on that when the group comes together on that friday.

We are going to learn this language. Not translate it. We are going to speak it, read it. And write it with NO translation to other languages. We will be able to do all of this by associating the Na'vi words to concepts, thoughts and ideas, rather than English words.

If you are interested in being a student participant in Project NgayNume, please respond with a yes, and/or any questions about the project.

Ngaru seiyi irayo.

Tirea Aean:
The Project is to launch Friday, 21 May 2010. The hour which that is will be decided after I know how many and which countries the students are from. I will try to work out a sensible time to have class each friday thereafter. Nume ko!

Makto Falihu:
I can't wait :)

Gah, friday's will rarely work for me. Shame, I'd love to be a part of this.

(Though I suspect for a lot of the time most of what we'll here will be "Oe ke tsolam." or "Peu? Plltxe nìmune." :P)

Tirea Aean:
Ma ftiafpi, no. The launch is on a Friday. We are still working out what day and time to do this weekly. And I made a FB event for it with info. Link is in my forum signature. This project will be very simple. Hopefully successful. You won't miss much opening Friday, but if you want, I can fill you in on what happened.Spoiler: Ftiafpi-ru:btw I meant to get wit you earlier about avatar radio. I was talkin to kp yesterday. maybe we can talk in a pm regarding that


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