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Tirea Aean:
okay, my TAs, please put the suggestions of your Timezone groups here. Or really, ANY suggestion regarding the project at all should go in this thread. Open for all suggestions. thanks.


--Spirit Blue


I've been talking to my friend who will, I hope, be along for it (though not on the 21st as he'll still be in France or on the way back then).

We’ve both been using a lot of the site's resources since we found out about it but I'm the only one who signed up (on forum) ... the ones I mostly use are Tree Of Voices, JMemorize (creating a new word list from site stuff for that) and Taronyu's Navi-English dictionary. Alos been using the Activity Book for practice and the Nutshell one to try and get a handle on the grammar.

We both reckon it would be a good idea to have games, electronic ones, lots of them because they'd be fun (especially if they make good use of pictures and sounds) ... a kind of like a multimedia version of the Activity Book I guess.

Although I'm not really TA material (not good enough at Na'vi) I am only too willing to help and make some stuff if anyone can think of a way I can do so ... I'm an average hobbyist programmer using Python (but not all that practised at using it graphically).


Tirea Aean:
Fantastic idea! I also was thinking of games. and since a load of people on this forum can program simple games, we can probably have many sound/picture based games. I just hope it doesnt take too long to make them, as we want more than one game for this project. keep it simple, so it is simple to use and learn from. :D I do love tree of voices, but the problem is, many people have told me that it will not work for them. I would tell them to read JayWalker's thread on that. I'm sure several people had the same issue several times and the solution was posted there. this project's initial plans were to include the TOV software as a method of homework and study. SO yeah I like your idea.

Any other good ideas? good stuff right here.

Not all games require programming. Lets research some social/party games that can be played by groups of people and modify them to relate to Na'vi. There's plenty of learning games I remember playing in pre-school. Games are the best way to learn anything, ever.  :D

Tirea Aean:
Agreed. Games, simple melody songs, things we all can do will teach us very effectively. we remember the alphabet because they have been made into the lyrics of a song. For some of us (not me particularly, but others) have learned the quadratic formula because it is lyrics of a song. to make songs should be relatively easy as we have a rhyming dictionary.(which Im not sure how current it is). And Im sure that we can have games that only need people to be able to speak so that we can play over teamspeak. keep up the suggestions. I really need these kinds of ideas, guys!

What is it that you would want to do for a weeklong homework assignment? What is it that you might want to do as a teamspeak classwork assignment? what kinds of participation are you interested in? keep in mind the project's three core and key ideas for learning: Association, Correction, Immersion. The project would surely fail if no one posts suggestions here, so thanks for your ideas!



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