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TeamSpeak Server Information
Project Ngaynume uses TeamSpeak for all classroom sessions.  We use the same server as the rest of the LearnNa'vi community, which can be found at ts.learnnavi.org.  Hosting for the server is provided by Seze.

Installation and Setup Instructions
First you must go to download Teamspeak at

After you have downloaded and installed it click on the icon.
it should pop up.

After it opens go under Connections, then click connect

Under the Address bar type in ts.learnnavi.org.  Please enter your forum username in the Nickname field.  There is no server password so leave that blank.

Once you have put that information in, click connect.

You should be connected and good to go. If you have any problems, please let Seze or Tirea Aean know.  The best way to let us know about any server issues is to send an email or private message to Seze.

Thank you very much. I duplicated the information on this portal : http://na.learnnavi.org/?page_id=144

Tirea Aean:
If you are unable to set up teamspeak based off this thread, or if the server goes offline or any other Teamspeak related weirdness, please post those... here


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