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A Na'vi Blog Post a Week : 2018 edition

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Remember the annual blog post project? There will be a third edition for the year 2018! Since there is a new wave of people on the forum and the Discord server, I think we will have a nice time this year.

What is A Na'vi Blog Post a Week?
It is a project started in December 2015 by Le'eylan as A Na'vi blog post a day. The challenge was to write a blog post every day in Na'vi only, but since the second edition people can post weekly on the day of their choice. A similar project, the Daily Na'vi Sentence Challenge, has run from July to October 2017.

Everyone, beginner or expert, can participate. It's not a matter of skills, correctness or fluency, but instead of participation. Unlike the Daily Na'vi Sentence Challenge, nothing is counted in terms of points. If you skip a week, you'll not be penalized.

Traditionally the participants post their daily messages on their personal blog. You can easily create one on Blogspot or on Wordpress for free. If this is impossible for you then we will make sure you'll have a space for your writings. You can talk about anything you want: your life, a movie, a book, a drawing of yours, a poem you've written, a mini-game you've made, the news, etc.

For this year, the starting date is January 1, 2018. I'd like to have the list of blogs before December 31, 2017.
The ending date is to be discussed; anything from February 28 or later.

Note: Since this is an early announcement some details may change or be added.


* Vawmataw
* Eana Unil
* Blue Elf
* Mako
* Kxrekorikus
* Tirea Aean

Eana Unil:
Count me in! Siva ko!


--- Quote from: Eana Unil on November 06, 2017, 07:34:42 am ---Count me in! Siva ko!

--- End quote ---
Siva Korea!

Blue Elf:
I can consider to participate again too; at least starting to think about themes. But why start on December 16th? We are at the end of big project in my occupation, so January seems better for me (although project will last until spring, I think).
I'm curious, how many people will participate this year.


--- Quote from: Blue Elf on November 10, 2017, 01:39:49 pm ---But why start on December 16th?

--- End quote ---
I thought it would be nice to start at the beginning of the holidays instead of waiting until everything is over. People are more busy during the last two weeks of December but there is also the holidays hype.
Otherwise there is no reason to start on that date. It's up to you.


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