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An Annotated Dictionary (update 09 May 2021)

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Ma frapo,

this began merely as a side project for me to practice a bit in LaTeX … but it grew and grew. :-[ I am now at the letter p. It’s meant as a (off-line) reference dictionary with example sentences (although the blue links after each example sentence are active).

As I said, it’s not completed and some of the notation might change during the process … I’ll leave the fine detail for the final edit.

Also, while skimming through it now, I noticed that the sorting is not consistant in all places. I took the Na’vi Alphabet quite literal but especially with the diphthongs it gets weird at times :P

Just a work in progress but maybe even now, it might help people.

Ayngaru prrte’ lu. Tìkangkem var.

Addendum: For the whole, here’s the direct link to the download

Updated version, 09 May, 2021 (cf. change log).

publication history
edit: letter P added (14-09-27)
edit: letters PX and R added (14-10-20)
edit: letter S added (15-01-06)
edit: revised draft and letter T added (15-01-22)
letter TX added (15-01-25)
letter TS added (15-03-27)
letter U added (15-03-28)
letters V & W added (15-04-04)
letters Y & Z added (15-04-23)
Introduction to IPA, word classes, abbreviations (15-08-06)

Fìpuk aylì'uä leiu txantsan! Fì'u aynumeyur sì oer srung sayi. Etrìpa syayvi!

Tirea Aean:
O my god this is nothing short of FANTASTIC. :o :D

A big huge +1 to you for excellent work. I'm glad to hear the work continues!

HOLY TORUK, ma Stefan, I see what you created there! This is just WOEIU! :D :D :D
This kind of dictionary is exacly that what I'm looking for! Apxa karma ngaru nìtxan nang!

This file should be on the LN website!

Oh wow, this is great! :o I think having context together with the words is really important, so this is going to be so useful! :D :D

+1 from me of course, and I can't wait until it is finished! ;D


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