ASG Na'vi-English Dictionary: ASG.html

Started by Tirea Aean, April 14, 2024, 02:42:27 AM

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Tirea Aean

Kaltxì ma frapo!

A long while ago I created a file called ASG.txt. I looked at a paperback copy of the ASG and typed all of the contents of the dictionary appendix into a plain text file (TSV format).

Now, I have created a nice tidy HTML file version with everything in a table, complete with all of the original stress underlining. All known errors and non-canon details were preserved as-is.

NOTE: This is for archival reference sake. I do not recommend using this to learn from, because as I said, there are errors and non-canon things in here.

EDIT: fixed links, attached file to this post for good measure.