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This is a new rewritten list of all current projects on LearnNa' The previous project database thread was this one.
Please, DO NOT refer the old thread in any way as it contains old or broken links, not current material and out dated information!

Here are all projects listed which are still alive. Contact the developer, author or organizator if you intend to help or join to a project.
If I forgot a project, please PM me, and I'll be responsible to add your project as fast as possible to this list.

If a status of a project has changed, post here a comment or let me know via PM.
Irayo nìli!

Project's NameDeveloper, Author, OrganizatorShort Project DescriptionNotesAn Annotated Dictionary (Draft)PlumpsA very detailed dictionary with exaples and links to their sources.In workJoin the project “Na’vi Language Book”!Tirea Aean, TìtstewanA quite big project that want to create 3 new learing resourceRead more about it in the thread.VrrtepCLITirea Aean, Swoka IkranA Quick Multilingual Na'vi Dictionary Reference/Rhyming Dictionary/Scramble Game/Quiz GameProgramm is available for Linux, MacOS and WindowsMassive Context Bold FlashcardsKame Ayyo'kotiFlashcards that highlight words in a sentence, which you have to guess the meaning of.--Noun declension toolWllìmA online tool wich shows one the correct position of the affixes on nouns, adjectives and verbs.This project is growingMega Na'vi BookletTstewa IkrantsyìpThe creating of a Na'vi text bookUnder constructionKaltxì ma Prrnen! - Animal Learning BookAlyara AratiAn illustrated book in Na'viThis book is still growing.Na'vi Word of the Day (Everywhere)Palulukan Maktoyu"Na'vi Word Of The Day" tweets a Na'vi word every day--Puk Pxaw 'Rrta - A Book Around the EarthTìtstewanA small book that travels around the earth.Book is still on the wayNa'vi Pocketmod guideMidnightLightningA hip-pocked friendly guide for learn Na'vi if one is on journeyThere is the question if this will be updated soon.Sacred's Sigbar ToolSwoka IkranA little dynamic graphic generator that can do some nice thingsHas been updated recentlyEana Eltu: Translator, Dictionary, API and putxìng.TuiqEanaEltu is the project to generate Taronyu's dictionary, allow people to translate it to their native language (or even Na'vi).--Na'vi - English Babylon dictionaryLance R. CaseyIt's a very useful translation tool that offers instantaneous definitions of words and phrases clicked on by the user.Using resources from Taronyu's dictionaryThe Lion King nìNa'viLe'eylanA project to translate the move "The Lion King" into Na'viIn workNa'vi Dictionary Terminal AppTirea AeanSuccessor of Vrrtep CLIIn work
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