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Crash course in linguistic terminology for Na'Vi terms


Karyu Amawey:
Hey everyone, I know there has been some confusion and speculation as to what the terms in some of the explanations to suffixes, prefixes and infixes mean, and so I created a sort of crash course in understanding what they mean.  I made sure to give good examples, and some new Na'Vi ones as well.  If there is any more confusion, please let me know so that I may clarify things further!

lrayo Karyu!

From one overwhelmed newbie: this is very helpful!

Irayo, ma Karyu!  Fì'u sìltsan leiu!  I especially liked the Na'vi examples and the diagrams at the end.  I do have a question about one of the examples, though.  In the section over the attributive marker (-a-), one of your examples is "Pe-yä txe'lan tsteu lu" ("Her heart is brave").  Is "pe" a contracted version of "poe"?  From what I understand, "pe" means what (thing) and "poe" and "poan" are used for "she" and "he", respectively.

This guide is definitely going into my binder of Na'vi learning materials.  Irayo, ulte Eywa ngahu.

Edit: Nevermind, I just realized that the genitive form of "po" is "peyä".  My bad!

I've also created a forum thread specifically about tense and aspect.


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