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Help for my next youtube video
« on: December 30, 2009, 08:41:50 pm »
I have a new project for my next youtube video.
First let me tell you that I won’t put it up until the audio problem is solved. Yesterday I bought a mic and I tried it, but it wasn’t good. I’ll exchange it for a different one this weekend and I’ll try again.
Anyway, the idea for my next video is to actually promote this site ( speaking in Na’vi. So I made my little speech but I need help from the more advanced Na’vi speakers. So I’m posting the text in Na’vi. Below I put the morphonemic dissection, the gloss and translation.

Kaltxì ma smuktu! Oe Etx lu
Oe fìtsenge leiu fte oe plltxeie Na’viri nìNa’vi

Na’vi unilsuteri lu
ha nivume plltxe nìNa’vi lumpe
one possibility: Fi’lun Na’viri ayoengyä se’lan lrrteiok
another possibility: Na’viri se’lanyä tìlrrtokru leiu

Omun oe futa tìplltxe Na'viyä wotx ke längu (or tängok?)
Tsun Aynga pivlltxe futa ayli’u atxan ke lu (or tok?).
Sä tweti! tìng memikyun ulte nìn ayral atxan a tsun ayoeng pivlltxe pak!
Ayli’u ali’ul sì wotxa lì’utìtäftxurenuti a fay’u nìkrr zaya’eiu. Tsakrr ayoeng alaksì layeiu

Na’viyä fya’ori ayoeng a’awsìteng tivìreian
Za’eiu ne numeNa’vi totx ork
Tìngay si oeti ayngal. Se’lan layrrteiok ayngari

Now with the gloss (and comments)

Kaltxì       ma    smuktu.     Oe  Etx  lu
Greetings VOC PL.sibling.    I     Ed be
Greetings brothers and sisters. I’m Ed

Oe  fìtsenge     l.ei.u         fte       oe      plltx.ei.e       Na’vi.ri        nì.Na’vi
 I      here    be<LAUD>  so that      I   speak<LAUD>   Na’vi.TOP    ADV.Na’vi
I’m here to talk about Na’vi in Na’vi

Na’vi      unil.sute.ri             lu
Na’vi  dream.PL.people.TOP  be
The Na’vi aren’t real

Ha,    n.iv.ume        plltxe  nì.Na’vi
So   learn<SUBJ>  speak  ADV.Na’vi   reason.which (I’m assuming lum is reason)
So why would you learn to speak Na’vi?

option 1)
Fi’lun              Na’viriä    se’lan      lrrt.ei.ok
This.reason   Na’vi.TOP PL.we.INCL.GEN PL.heart smile<LAUD>
Because         Navi makes our hearts smile (and it’s great)
Because Na’vi is fun!

again here I just created the word because assuming that “lum” is reason, so I came up with another possibility

option 2)
Na’vi.ri       se’lan.yä         tì        l.ei.u
Na’vi.TOP PL.heart.GEN be<LAUD>
Na'vi is for the laughter of the hearts (and it’s great)
Because it’s fun!

Omun oe   futa     tì.plltxe      Na'viyä     wotx      ke l.äng.u (or tängok?)
Know   I    that  NOUN.speak Na'vi.GEN complete  not be<PEJ>
I know that the Na’vi language is not complete

Tsun     ay.nga   p.iv.lltxe     futa’u    a.txan      ke lu (or tok?).
Be able  speak<SUBJ> that PL.word ADJ.many  not be
You may say that there aren't many words

Sä tweti!  tìng me.mikyun ulte   nìn       ay.ral      a.txan       a     tsun     p.iv.lltxe      pak!
But wow  give DUAL.ear  and look at PL.meaning ADJ.many which be able PL.we.INCL speak<SUBJ> EXCL!
(now is mikyun already in the dual? (me- goes to m- before vowel) Or do we have to add the me-?)
But WOW! Pay attention and look at all the things we can say!’u’ul       sì        wotx.a         lì’u.tì.täftxu.renu            a         fay’u            nì.krr  z.ay.a’.ei.u
PL.word ADJ.many and complete.ADJ word.NOUN.weave.pattern which these things ADV.time come<FUT><LAUD>
More words and a complete grammar will come in due time.

  Tsa.krr  alaksì l.ay.ei.u
That.time  PL.I.INCL ready be<FUT><LAUD>
Then we’ll be ready

Na’vi.yä      fya’o.ri a’awsìteng       tivìreian
Na’vi.GEN   path.TOP PL.I.INCL  together  walk<SUBJ><LAUD>
Let’s walk this path together

Za’.ei.u ne numeNa’vi totx ork
Come    to learnnnavi dot org

   Tì.ngay    si    oe.ti    ay.nga.l    Se’lan l.ay.rrt.ei.ok           ay.nga.ri
NOUN.true make I.ACC PL.heart smile<FUT><LAUD>
you make.true (trust?) me. your heats will smile
Trust me. You’ll like it!

So I’m open to suggestions. I’d like to have this as good as it could be with our current knowledge. I’m sure that with all these brains we can get something pretty decent.
Then it’ll be up to me to make it sound as close to the “native” ideal as possible.

ta Etx
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Re: Help for my next youtube video
« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2010, 12:55:51 am »
No replies so far!
I'd love to have some help here!
It sounded like people liked my first couple of youtube videos, so it'd be awesome if I were to get some help for this new project!

Zìsìtyä sngä'ikrr lefpom ngaru

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Re: Help for my next youtube video
« Reply #2 on: January 02, 2010, 01:02:17 am »
I'm only starting this beautiful language, so I can't really SUGGEST anything- but from what I read, I really like, and I hope you make it! It's very creative. I'll have to go and watch some of your other videos!

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Re: Help for my next youtube video
« Reply #3 on: January 02, 2010, 07:02:37 pm »

Well, here it is!
Too bad I didn't get any input, but I can always change it if we can together get a better version of the text

Eywa Ngahu
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Re: Help for my next youtube video
« Reply #4 on: January 02, 2010, 09:20:29 pm »
amazing! It's so cool to actually hear full sentences like this! Even if you did mess up the grammar I couldn't care since it inspires me just to hear it!

I'm still an uber beginner so what would make me happiest would be a video that just goes over the pronunciation of words. I can't get my head wrapped around the idea of some of the words jut by reading them. I would adore you if your next video was just going through some of the vocab.

That being said, you should put the video on the audio section and maybe send a link to the mods or our resident grammar nazis so they can look it over!

Oh! And do you have a web camera? Because I would love to have actual video of people speaking it, sometimes the visuals of them forming the word makes it click in my mind.
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Oeri lu Eywayä 'eveng


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