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Ikran artwork!


An artist I watch over on DeviantArt did this great image of an ikran, and she made the lineart into a free stock photo. That means, we can color 'em!!! Who's ready for some personalized ikrans, yeah?? :D YEAH.

I'll totally post up my own colored version as soon as I finish it. I'd love to see anyone else's.

This is awesome!  I don't have any knowledge of using photoshop or anything else to color, but I may print this out for doodling on!  Thanks for the heads up!  :)

Tirea Nìwotxkrr:
you can use GIMP. its a free software that is similar to photo shop. ive been messing around with it for a few days and its very easy to learn.

guess I'll have to bust out the tablet and the skillz tomorrow :P

Or something like OpenCanvas, which was made for artists. Free; just switch it to English on start-up, or you'll be confused.

Have a link; it's sometimes difficult to find online:


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