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Na'vi keyboard layout

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Taronyu Ayunilyä Alahe:
great contribution Coda! but I'll stick with my US-international too like Nume fpi sänume... since I"ll also be typing English while typing Na'vi :D nevertheless.. really glad there's that option (US-Na'vi)

Ma Coda, oel ngati kame.

Ngeyä tingopit fi'trr fmiyi oel.
Ngaru pameng a fpil oe.

Irayo, ma tsmuktu.


I've also went ahead and created a Na'vi keyboard layout, but unlike the original version, I've kept the normal US keyboard and added the characters to the extended shift states, much like how US-International functions.  The main difference is that the Na'vi characters are where you'd expect them to be, for example, Alt+Ctrl (or Right-Alt) + A == ä instead of the á you'd get with US-International (where'd you have to type Alt+Ctrl+Q in order to get the ä).  Not to mention the accent on the US-Internation Alt+Ctrl+I is the wrong way. 

Anyways, the following characters are supported (as well as capitalized variants with Shift):

Alt+Ctrl+A: ä
Alt+Ctrl+I: ì
Alt+Ctrl+U: ú

Again, you can also use Right-Alt instead of Alt+Ctrl.  Let me know if you have any issues or if I missed any necessary characters.

Tanhì Tireafya'o:
Just using some simple combinations can make it too. No need to switch. Still great work. I couldn't do it.

Eywayä mokri:
I didn't know you could make something like that, really nice. :)


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